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The 'cold reader' to define same, is a person who poses as a character reader, fortune teller, advisor, soothsayer or more any term that would indicate the individual is capable of divining thoughts in a troubled mind and presenting a solution to present and future situations.

Set up as such, the reader has an immediate advantage in his favor. He is partially accepted as such by virtue of his claims and the fact that others seek counsel. SOME degree of belief must IMPEL the interview.

The public seeks the services of readers for two basic reasons. The first, and least important, and it shall be dismissed as such, is out of curiosity - amusement or a 'lark'. Yet, even considering this category, there still must exist SOME vague degree of confidence and belief. If a fee is to be paid for the services, the belief is more intense.

If a person gives 'readings' at a party of social gathering, just for the fun of it, most everyone will want their 'fortune told' just for the fun of it - and to see what message they will receive. Though it is for free - their curiosity and thirst for NEW knowledge is an impelling force. To say the least, they are RECEPTIVE and SUSCEPTIBLE.

The prime reason why people seek the services of a reader is because of some MAL-ADJUSTMENT WHICH APPROACHES A CLIMAX. This desire is usually a product of negative thoughts, fear, anxiety, probable loss, or to correct a situation that is not in keeping with their thinking.

The seekers are emotionally disturbed and seek a solution or means of solace. AND because they are emotionally disturbed, they SHOW this disturbance by reason of engaging a reader and by their physical appearance .

This is the first CUE for the reader. He KNOWS his client, and that he possesses negative thoughts - worry, anxiety, fear, doubt, etc., By stabbing in the dark, and discussing this possibility, he immediately touches upon the INNER THOUGHTS of the subject, and further lowers his guard,

The experienced reader KNOWS how vitally important it is that he be a GOOD LISTENER! Wait a minute - the cold reader is SUPPOSED to be able to read his client 'from cradle to grave' without the client speaking a word!

So true - he is SUPPOSED to be able to do this and many other things, but as the reading progresses, he realizes that the client will perhaps tell HIM more than HE will tell the client - except for the retelling! The client will undoubtedly be reluctant to 'expose their position' at first, but as the reading progresses and the guard is lowered, the client will become talkative - and confide much to the reader.

It matters little whether the client is 'close-mouthed' and does not verbally commit himself, because he will reveal his thoughts and reactions in many unconscious ways to the reader. Understand the reader is dealing with a 'human being', as such, certain reactions are bound to follow.

It takes little knowledge of character reading to be able to spot the curiosity seeker - to segregate these few from the sincere callers.

It is the practice of experienced readers when they recognize such curiosity seekers to promptly put them in their place. As one reader puts it - "When there are two or three girls in the reception room giggling and enjoying their lark, I make it a point to get the most serious offender in my office first. When she is seated, I look her straight in the eye, and say, 'If there are any serious accidents or deaths, do you wish to know the TRUTH about it?' This usually calms her down and I start the softening up process by telling her she is very psychic and could have become a great medium. I flatter her - work on her ego - tell her she is a very talented actress. I have her both ways. I have found this method will make a booster out of a knocker. She will praise you to the others."

Certainly, we can justly accuse this reader of using a little applied psychology in his introductory remarks. By sizing up his subject, he knows his line of attack.

The cold reader knows the PROBABLE reason behind the visit of every client, likewise with women. He knows much about the prospective caller BEFORE HE SEES THEM - and almost a complete STORY AFTER OBSERVATION.

He knows, with a good degree of accuracy, what PROMPTED the meeting. What he does not know by diagnosis and analysis, he will find out by pumping and probing. If he starts up a wrong trail, he will immediately detect his error (by the client's reactions) switch his story and start another track.

There are CERTAIN things that can be told to EVERY person that will prove accurate and bring complete verification. Parts of the reading will be found in the following pages, yet the reader has the distinct advantage of critical observation of the client. He gains immediate SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE ON CONTACT.

Here are some of the cues or tell-tale signs that help him (1) diagnose the reason for the visit and (3) the phraseology that he will employ in unfolding the reading.

The client's sex, probable age, dress and physical appearance and condition, actions, facial indications, jewelry such as wedding rings (or, by close observation of the fingers the previous removal of a ring) , condition of the hands, finger nails, hair and shoes. Neatness or lack of it will be evident. The client's grammar, nervous mannerisms, manner of sitting are important indicators. All these factors and many other details tell a definite story of the events that have proceeded this visit. The trained observer - with nothing more to go on than these INDICATIONS - would have little trouble in giving a good 'cold reading.'

Here are further tell-tale signs, and interpretations of emotions by the voice:

Rising inflection means doubt, incredulity, questioning.

Rising and falling inflection shows sarcasm.

Rapid staccato speech - with pitch variations - excitement.

Slow, dragging monotone expresses defeat - dejection.

In anger - voice always increases in pitch, loudness.

These symptoms are well accepted by students of human nature, and are used by actors to portray various inner emotions.

A person's smoking habits will reveal many inner emotions - continual chain smoking is a form of restlessness, nervousness, worry. The casual smoker indicates relaxation - calmness, or a good ability to retain their emotions.

Loudness, bragging denotes invariably a frustrated emotion - lacking in fulfillment of desires the indications of an inferiority complex. A brash manner usually conceals a sense of inferiority.

Should the reader ascertain thru speech, observation of certain signs, jewelry, etc. , that the client is of the Catholic faith - he may regard this person as being more skeptical than others - because of their religious training - which includes a firm disbelief in fortune telling and the like. However, this same shrewd reader realizes, too, his client is human, and beset with human problems that are seeking an outlet.

For statistic's sake, our government figures show that there are approximately twice as many Protestant church members as there are Catholic. The experienced reader knows that the negro is very superstitious and susceptible in the realm of the occult and mysterious.

The reader knows - MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - just how utterly gullible people are! The great showman, P. T. Barnum said, 'There's a sucker born every minute.' But that was many, many years ago, then there were a lot less babies born in a given time.

Let us say that the PUBLIC IS EXTREMELY GULLIBLE. Our daily habits and routines are subject to the whim and wills of our advertising agencies, dress designers, fadists and public opinion, which does not just occur, but is created by certain forces put in motion by other people. We are a nation of SUCKERS. Everyone has some inherent weakness - if not many of them!

It may be difficult for the student of this book to accept these blunt, hot-off-the griddle remarks about his fellow men - and himself, BUT if engaging long in 'giving readings to the public' , he will be amazed at the utter gullibility of his fellow men.

The well trained reader knows that the HUNGER DRIVE is the strongest factor in a person's life. The SEX appetite or drive is the second strongest - and consequently, accounts for a great deal of the problems that will confront him in dealing with the public.

He realizes that as a result of medical research that a normal sex life (or sex relief) is conducive to the highest level of physical and mental health. That an unbalance of this drive will cause all kinds of disturbing factors that will send him clients from all walks of life.

In marriage, the experienced reader realizes it takes TWO compatible people to make a successful marriage. That SEX (improper balance) invariably causes the greatest amount of trouble and consequent failure in marriages. Second factor is money or lack of money. Third is social and educational compromise, while the next important factor is an understanding and full agreement on children.

Seldom will the trained reader or thoughtful person foresee divorce in a Catholic family. To do so, would be to combat known mathematical percentages and accepted practice.

He realizes that all women are jealous - only some more so than others. He realizes that age - cold conflict between the sexes. He knows that young people think mostly of the opposite sex, while man seeks conquest, prestige and material gain.

He realizes that seven out of ten women WONDER if their husbands are true to them. He recognizes the jealous nature of MOST women, and that women are jealous and envious of other women.

The experienced reader recognizes the 'dangerous signs' 'in BOTH women and men. ' Women, usually, between the ages of 35 to 45 go thru the 'change of life', which is accompanied by various emotional disturbances and imaginary ailments and reactions. Between the ages of 40 and 50 men likewise go thru an 'emotional change', though not as intense as with the opposite sex, this does not often cause erratic behavior, and subsequent problems.

The reader realizes that the driving motives of life are DESIRE or POSSESSION, also the fear of non-attainment, or loss of possessions.

Aided and abetted by these known FACTS OF LIFE, it can be readily observed that the cold reader knows a GREAT deal about the client before they make their appearance.

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