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"You appear to be a highly emotional type of person. At one moment you are at the height of elation, and the next deep in despair. As a consequence, you do really love, life, and while its course is difficult at times, life has its compensations for you."

"I can perceive modest, yes, modest beginnings. Early in life, I see you experienced many difficulties - most of which were almost beyond your capabilities. In fact, there was at least one occasion early in life, when it became doubtful if you would go on. You experienced considerable unhappiness - and were alone many times with your own thoughts. As you grew older, other outside influences began to make an impression on your life, and I see one person - a true friend, who helped you a great deal."

"You are a person with intense love emotions. You do not like a great many people - not that you are not on friendly terms with many, but you choose your friends carefully. When you like someone, you really like them with all your heart - not for what they might do for you. This intense sincerity and affection has brought you many sorrows, but you will profit from these experiences.

"You appear to be in doubt of even your own affections. You are quite fickle at this time, and I perceive that you feel you have been hurt by another near and dear to you. I feel that I must concede this fact, but you should dismiss these negative thoughts from your mind. You should endeavor to place your affections elsewhere, and not dwell too much on the past."

"You appear to be possessed with many fears and anxieties, most of which, I would like to add are imaginary. Most of the things you fear and worry about never happen. You bring a great deal of worry and trouble into your own life - and needlessly."

"Your problem is a problem of the heart. You stand on the brink of uncertainty. You don't know which way to turn. You wonder if this party really loves you and what will be the eventual outcome. It appears to me that you care far more for this person than they do for you. Your love emotions are more intense, and I am afraid you are preparing yourself for a big 'letdown', which you now recognize as the truth, down deep in your heart."

"There was a sad loss in your life; someone very near and dear to you. This was a big shock, though not wholly unexpected. While other compensations have partially offset this loss, you still sense it. You must learn to place these thoughts in the back of your mind, and seek with greater zest further compensations. Your loss now is purely spiritual and mental. "

"Stubbornness - I might say - even plain bullheadedness - have greatly restricted your progress - not only in the business, but social world. While this is a natural trait with you, it can be overcome to your great distinct advantage. Don't be afraid to admit something when you are wrong - even if you only admit it to yourself. Don't be so critical of others. Look for the better things in those with whom you come in contact."

"Not too long ago, in your life, I see a serious love affair. One that did not turn out exactly as you had hoped. This made you quite cynical and bitter for a while, but you have learned to overcome this feeling. Either someone was madly in love with you, and you were with them. There was a third person in the picture, whose influence extended over this affair, and caused it to eventually terminate."

"You seem to pass thru life, always seeking something that appears just beyond your goal. In many cases, you have not been aware of this evasive goal - just an inner restlessness and rebellion against your lot. You have felt that evil or bad luck surrounded you - and held you back.

This is partially true and partially an alibi for your own shortcomings. "

"There appears to be a person in your life that has a very profound effect upon you. This influence puzzles you, but let me say it is a beneficial influence. You should cultivate it."

"It is better that you realize your conditions as they actually exist instead of living in an imaginary world, day dreaming. Face the present facts, and work, toward correcting this situation. It is not beyond your power to do so."

"A showdown appears in your life, indicative of some serious illness or accident. I do not know if this occurred to you, or someone very near and dear to you. No matter the showdown and shadow was there and death was very closely averted."

"Some losses are shown three to five years hence. This could mean financial or very personal in nature. This may be countered by wise and careful judgment in the future. Be especially careful in money matters, close business associations or in dealings with relatives."

"Right now, you are timely contemplating the possibility of changing your job. You have been at it a long time, and your soul craves a . . change. While I am not going to recommend a change, I do see this impulse becoming stronger, and eventually you will make this change, which

I might add, should prove beneficial to you."

"You are very much worried about your health - there appears to be some basis for this worry, and also you are allowing your imagination to run away with your logic. You are discouraged because your doctor hasn't been able to do more for you - you have reached a point where your confidence in your doctor is almost gone. This is an unfortunate situation, and because you no longer have confidence in him. I do believe a change of physicians would help you. However, you must be patient, and stop worrying. You can do much for yourself - and I am sure improvement is certain for you."

"There is a thought in the back of your mind that someday you may inherit some money. This thought is not too strong or well formed. Perhaps I should say it is a HOPE. Yes, I do see a few years in the future that some money will come to you thru a legacy or inheritance. This may prove to be unexpected, and from a source that you do not even suspect at the present."

"Regarding the recovery of your money, it appears to me that this is a good case for a lawyer, rather than a reader. I feel that only by taking drastic legal action will you be able to recover your funds."

"Your great desire to own your own home will be fulfilled. This may be difficult for you to perceive at this time, as I see many disappointments in this respect in the past. However, never give up this goal - because it will materialize, and sooner than you think.

"You have lost a piece of jewelry and greatly desire its recovery. Let me ask you a question. Your mind tells me that you feel you did not lose this jewelry thru carelessness, but that it was taken - stolen from you. Isn't that right? Not only that, but you have a person in mind at this moment that you strongly suspect took this jewelry. Let me say you are doing this person a grave injustice by your suspicions. I see that it was lost thru your own carelessness, and that it is now beyond recovery."

"There are times when, deep down in your heart, you wonder about your mate. Is your husband true to you? You know you are a little jealous, and do let your imagination run freely. I see no reason why you worry on that point, as I am sure your husband loves you very much. In the meantime, realize he has many problems on his mind, and perhaps for that reason, is not as attentive as you would like."

"You are wondering about this boy. You are not quite sure of him. Right? You wonder if you will ever be man and wife. And if so, live happily. It is apparent that you think more of him than he does of you. I doubt very much if this affair will turn into anything serious. Regard him as a good friend. Very shortly, I see another man coming into your life, tall, handsome. He will make a violent impression on you - and in your heart, you will realize, 'Here at last, is my Prince Charming."

"While I do not wish to worry you, I think I should warn you against accidents and personal injury - especially during the latter part of the year. Exercise extreme caution at all times, especially in regards vehicles and in transportation."

"You are very much concerned about your children - one in particular.

This child presents many problems to you - in fact, I see your reference and words, 'problem child'. I do believe much of this condition can be overcome by you thru a better understanding and greater affection toward the child. I am sure, with the passing of time, this child will grow to adulthood, and later in life make you very proud of him."

"Do not try to suppress the plans of your daughter (or son) in this planned marriage. Any interference on your part will be greatly resented, and only complicate nature. I urge a 'hands off policy and I

am sure everything will work out alright."

"Madame, you are well aware of the marital situation in your home. It is apparent that you are very much dissatisfied with conditions, and you don't know which way to turn. I am not going to advise you what to do, but I will say that with the passing of each day you are approaching a climax, which your better judgment will dictate the best and proper course for you to follow. Happiness is the birthright of everyone - and it will come to you sooner than you think".

"With the advent of a new cycle, which you are about to enter, your path will bring you into sunlight, and spiritual warmth that you never expected to know. Great spiritual riches are in store for you. Much of the disappointments, trial and tribulations will be overshadowed by this great new experience."

"My friend, early in your childhood, I can see you falling. You may not even recall this particular fall, but I see that it has left a mark upon you - A SCAR ON YOUR LEFT KNEE! Are you aware of it? If not, LOOK AND SEE NOW - or when you return home." This is a SENSATIONAL PUNCH and will hit 99 out of 100 times. It is an old gag to the 'cold reader', as it is based on the fact that practically EVERY PERSON, at some time or another, suffers a fall, and will endeavor to protect themselve with the LEFT KNEE, and thus suffer an abrasion, which will leave a scar that will remain thru out life. Check - look carefully at YOUR own left knee!

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