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Such a formula will touch upon the basic problems of every individual, and create a very intriguing reading. There is an exploratory opening, followed by a thumb-nail character analysis. Then the reading swings into high speed, as it passes to the main subject of interest. Briefly, love and friendships (and enemies); money and gain; obstacles in the path! Health and loss, travel, news, dangers and desires. A dash of mystery dealing with future events, a solemn warning and some good advice. The reading is closed with the client still in awe and suspense - which may result in another visit.

Remember, the case histories of thousands of visits to the cold reader and psychiatrist SHOWS that the visit was induced by a FEELING of FRUSTRATION for not having been able to attain ideals, fulfill ambitions, realize goals and get ahead in their work. This has resulted in a tendency on the part of these people to withdraw from reality, to become suspicious of others.

Sex, as stated several times before, produces a great deal of anxiety and trouble in this old world of ours. This is especially a great deal of sham and confusion about sex, revealed particularly by women. While many clients were induced to seek consultations because of marital differences, it was later revealed that practically all visitors displayed marital dissatisfaction or difficulties.

Everything in the orb of the life of a human is either DESIRED or POSSESSED. Basically, ALL problems revolve around this vital statement. Love, health, wealth, prestige, travel, etc., is either desired or possessed. If not possessed, it is desired, consequently a problem is presented as to HOW it can be obtained. If POSSESSED, possession of these desires always present worry and anxiety if the possession is to continue, and other ideals associated with the possession will continue on a smooth plane.

FEAR is a tremendous factor associated with all human lives. Fear is sponsored by thoughts of suspicion, loss, guilt and retribution. Fear of loss of the things DESIRED or POSSESSED.

Loss of something desired or possessed may be real or IMAGINARY. FEAR OF LOSS is sometimes stronger than actual loss. When a loss occurs, even though only in the imagination, the cycle begins all over again -desire to possess or find a suitable substitute. When a LOSS occurs, it must be again possessed, or replaced.

Loss - whether of material possessions, or of hopes and desires -

cause frustrations and emotional disturbances. Fear heightens these emotions, creates despondency, suspicion, jealousy, and nervous disorders. Superstition is based on FEAR psychology, and while predominate among the less educated, it is a natural trait.

Briefly, the cold reading can be summarized as an ANALYSIS and PATTER STORY of the client's DESIRES, POSSESSIONS and FEARS. As the author deems this one of the most IMPORTANT STATEMENTS IN THIS TEXT, please read this paragraph again!

Here are the subjects to be considered in the composite 'cold reading' - depending on the individual client.

1. The present time

2. Personal magnetism - charm - control over others

3. Investments - partnerships - employment

4. Best friends - obstacles in pathway

5. Age of life - sickness to look out for -accidents

6. Enemies that bear watching - undecided state of mind

7. Psychic powers - premonitions - judgment of nature

8. Marriages - money conditions

9. Warnings

10. A change in affairs - trips

11. Surprises - fortunate years, months, dates and days

12. The cause of all unfavorable affairs - changes and results

These topics are then BLENDED into the patter story of reading, much in the following fashion, which is here given as a GUIDE to the student. The reader will observe that a great portion of the reading can apply to anyone - including yourself - and by benefit of observation of the individual client, it is personalized and made to FIT.

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