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About every 2000 years, the sun's spring equinox, when day and night are of equal length, shifts by one Zodiac sign. The current shift is moving us from Christianity's Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, which is supposed to portend a new Golden Era for -mankind.

Perhaps it will. But, by way of a more immediate spin-off, the Aquarian Age has brought with it a renewed interest, among the general public, in the Zodiac and the individual sun signs.

"What's your sign is an. acceptable get-acquainted greeting at a New York after-the-theater party or a late-night Hollywood poolside bash. It's a conversational gambit that works equally well in Dallas, Boise, or Macon, wherever people congregate.

Oddly enough, although people may know all about their own individual sign, and may recognize the names for some of the other signs, few can tell you the symbols for the other signs. They may be familiar with Gemini or Sagittarius, in a general way, but will not recognize them as the Twins or the Archer.

If Libra rings a bell with them, it will not be in terms of the Scales. Conversely, to a Cancerian, if you mention the Crab, she will associate it immediately with her sign. Mention the Fish, and a Piscean will be come suddenly more alert.

Here are the twelve signs of the Zodiac, along with the symbols associated with them. Every psychic reader should commit them to memory.

Aries the Ram Taurus the Bull Gemini the Twins

Cancer the Crab Leo the Lion Virgo the Virgin

Libra the Scales Scorpio the Scorpion Sagittarius the Archer

Capricorn the Goat Aquarius the Water Bearer Pisces the Fish

Once you have the signs and symbols in mind, you will be able to leave a sitter, following a reading, with the conviction that you knew and identified her specific sun sign. You can do this without asking questions or having to pump for information, during the reading. Indeed, she will remember your remarks concerning the sign as an integral part of the reading.

You merely weave into the reading, at appropriate intervals, nine statements that the client will interpret as part of the reading. She will accept each of the statements. One of them should get a very positive reaction from her, since it specifically identifies her sign.

These are the nine statements:

■ In your Aquarian world, the fish is your spiritual symbol.

■ In this lifetime, your karma is to balance the scales, to seek harmony.

■ You characteristically perceive things in a pure virginal way.

■ I believe your psychic guide is the ram.

■ I sense twins in your family tree.

■ You have a love for animals. Your inner strength would indicate that if you could become one it would be the lion.

■ You obviously are not easily characterized as the meek or mild, and can be the bull in the china shop, or crabby by sign.

■ You become the stubborn goat, but only when friends attempt to take advantage of you.

■ In another life, you used the long-bow. That affinity for archery continues, as you have an undeveloped talent for it.

■ Astrologically speaking, the sun sign Scorpio will be a significant Zodiac sign in your life.

Following the reading, if you feel you didn't get a positive reaction to one of the statements, ask the client if you correctly identified her Zodiac sign during the reading. If she seems at all hesitant, boldly ask for her sign. No matter what her answer, let's say it's Cancer, you quickly point out, "Oh of course. Don't you remember I told you during the reading that you were a Crab by sign? That's the Cancerian in you." You merely recall whatever statement proves to be appropriate.

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