The Scam

"You have a tendency to worry over little things that often never happen," cautions the fortune cookie from the Chinese restaurant. And the bit of printed advice, on the tiny slip, hit the nail squarely on the head.

Just as a whole series of cookie fortunes, read in random order, may provide perceptions about a person that are astonishingly sensitive and accurate, at least eight out of every ten statements used in the Formula Reading may be judged to be uniquely descriptive of the client.

But, as has been pointed out, a perception of accuracy is not sufficient to make a re din r satisfactory in the minds of most clients. At an average of thirty dollars for a half-hour reading and sixty dollars for an hour, most clients go to a reader because they have a problem. Some may try to hide their problem, even from themselves, but it remains the motivating force behind their visit.

Even spur-of-the-moment clients will identify a specific problem, or question, that is uppermost in their thoughts, and wait to see what the psychic has to say about it. After all, human relationships and weaknesses are essential tools of the psychic's trade.

To be given high marks for the reading, you, as the psychic, must quickly and accurately identify the client's problem, or w6rry, during the reading' and suggest a solution. Such a task would seem to be impossible. But a carefully-structured Formula Reading will help provide an answer.

In your reading, you simply touch briefly upon all possible problems that might be confronting the client, counting on her to unconsciously identify for you the one that is important to her. Even should you fall to learn the specific problem bothering her, she will give you credit for having done so. Two factors make, this possible.

Each of us tends to listen selectively. We hear those things, in a conversation, that we want to hear, and tend to mentally filter out those things that make little or no sense, when measured against our thought process. The client, in other words, will assign immediate significance to any mention, by you, of her problem or worry, while she will pass over as unimportant other problems or worries you touch upon, in the same reading.

Gail Sheehy, in her coast-to-coast best-selling book, "Passages" advocated what Gypsies and other fortune-tellers long have known, that most people fall into a few basic categories, that their lives and life-paths are Health. In touching upon Health, which represents the second letter in the anagram, you flirt with one of several areas where you, as a psychic reader, must exercise extreme caution. You are not a medical doctor, and you should not offer predictions or advice concerning illnesses. It's best to admit it. "I'm not a medical doctor."

Each of us, for our long-term health and well-being, should have access to a physician and consult him regularly. But, with regard to health, in a general way, I sense that you will have a long life. I see you living into your eighties or nineties. You have the inner potential to overcome any negative influences that would effect your health. For example, it s generally accepted that people with a negative mind-set can actually bring on poor health. Conversely, a positive mind-set is a powerful and continuing guard against any negative vibrations."

Expectations. The third letter in the anagram represents a client's expectations. This would include predictions; things in her life that lie in the future. It also would include fantasies, things that will or will not happen, her future achievements, and potentials.

Sex. In this category, you would comment on love, lust (remember Presidential-Candidate Carter, and his interview in Playboy magazine?), relationships, and a happy or unhappy marriage. But use caution in this category. Although many psychologists see sex as the cause of many of the problems people have, the individual doesn't always see it so clearly.

And, as has been mentioned, you are doing the reading for the individual. In this category, you also can make mention of the person being attractive, of being romantic, of being constant. It's strange, but true, that every woman, even the most beautiful Hollywood star, will relate to this statement, "If I had to find fault with you, it would be that you are beautiful, yet you do not know you are beautiful." Cover girls and models, school cheer leaders, beauty pageant winners, and radiant young housewives may know the are attractive, but without exception, they feel their beauty is flawed They don't really believe they are beautiful.

Career. The subcategories you would touch upon, here, include predicted or anticipated career changes or modifications, staying in the same career field, for example, or entering into a different career. Generally, with respect to career changes, most people tend to change their job title, but stay within the same career field. A late-life career change, however, has become an increasing possibility, as people reenter the work place or keep working beyond retirement ages.

Ambitions. This catch-all category allows you to comment upon the client's ambitions, secret desires, and potentials. "Your secret desire will be granted you," is a comment that many clients will relate to, fleshing out the comment with their own interpretation.

Money. The subcategories, here, relate to all aspects of the client's financial situation. You can cover such subjects as potential job income, gifts, inheritances, investments, sweepstakes, and stocks and bonds. Here, you would also make mention of the fact that the client's financial situation is going to improve.

By touching on all the various categories and subcategories, during the reading, you not only will fashion a good reading but you will identify the probable area of the client's worry or concern. Using the memory aid as a check list, your comments normally are designed to be woven among the more generalized statements of the Formula Reading.

The memory aid also can be used as the basis for a short, five or ten minute stand-alone psychic reading. It answers the complaint of many beginning practitioners that they "never remember what to say next." Such a reading would sound like this, in its briefest form:

"Change, movement, some distant places. I sense both long and short journeys in your future, an opportunity for travel realized. You have a desire to return to a place from the past. A desire to escape to another area. A forgotten moment or incident you want to recapture. Is someone standing there? Or is it the place, itself? It's not clear.

With regard to health, you possess an energy within you to overcome and overpower any negative energies. There as been a strong negative energy around you in the past, but that is coming to a close. Or has come to a close. In terms of age, I sense you will live comfortably beyond your eightieth year.

Expectations, dreams, desires. There are so many. Some are unrealistic, impractical. Yet, there are many that can be realized, because you have a great deal of untapped potential. There is one in particular.

You basically are a very romantic type of individual, when you allow yourself to be. Your mind is deeper than most give you credit. I sense that you have visually lusted after a person, but I don't see that you have met your soul mate in this life. If I were to find fault with you in any area, it would be your inability to accept the fact that you are extremely beautiful. Something in you fights against accepting that fact.

There are questions in your mind concerning your career. Should you change your career field? Are you really happy? I can tell you that your career is going to show positive changes or the future. You may find yourself being up-graded given additional responsibilities, but there most definitely will be several changes in the next twelve months.

You basically are a person who always is going to realize her ambitions. You tend to make your own dreams and fantasies come true. There is a secret desire that tugs at you, something that you've wanted to do. You have not been able to accomplish it thus far, but I sense that you will achieve your ambitions in this area, too.

There appears to be money coming to you from three different areas. You'll receive money that is both expected and unexpected. You shall receive money in the form of a legacy, something through the courts that will be left to you. That's in the future. I sense also there will be unexpected money, possibly money in the form of a gift or from a sale. There also may be a windfall, a sweepstakes or lottery winning. Some thing to do with chance."

Thus, in a short reading that will take no more than five minutes to deliver, you have touched on the main subjects of human interest: love and relationships; health and travel; expectations and ambitions; career and money.

One advantage of the short reading of course, is that it allows the novice reader to gain proficiency and confidence. But the short reading is useful also where you want to do quick readings for a number of persons, such as at a party or gatheringo*

The problem of reading for a number of individuals, where they immediately can compare notes, is the requirement to make the readings substantially different. The anagram memory aid makes this simple.

With each reading, you place the emphasis, or thrust, of the reading on a different category. Although the total reading would touch upon all of the categories, in one reading you would put the emphasis on health, while in another your emphasis would be placed upon travel. For a third person, you could emphasize money, or career.

Later, if the individuals for whom you have read compare notes, it would have to be something like this:

"Honestly, I didn't say a thing. He told me things about myself I wouldn't even confide to my husband ...

"He told me I was to make a significant career change by the end of this year. I'd receive more money and more responsibility. Something I have wanted for a long time ..."

"How could he know about the surprise trip to Hawaii that I have been planning for a second honeymoon for Bill and me? I just made the reservations last Thursday ..."

"He knew about the money from the sale of the property up north. It's up on the lake, but we haven't used it in years ."

"He knows about the tennis instructor. Those thoughts have never been out of my mind ..."

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