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"There are only two or three human stories..." Willa Cather observed, " ... and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened DeTore"

Each of us likes to think of ourselves as unique, with problems and needs and goals that set us apart from all the others. We're not. Although we may mistrust generalities, whether we like it or not, there is a commonality about our fears, wants, and aspirations that make them predictable... for every one of us. Psychic readers recognize this, and use it to their advantage.

As individuals, we want to know about money and health. We are concerned about love, relationships, and family. We worry about work, and wonder about travel and change. It's not a long list.

When one or more of those areas takes on a disproportionate emphasis, we may visit or contact a psychic. The psychic, without the need to ask questions, not only will dredge up those areas that concern us but will tell us many other specifically accurate things about ourselves.

How? That's the function of the formula reading, sometimes called the character reading. It's fashioned, by the psychic, to touch briefly on each of the areas that could concern a client. The formula reading is the foundation, or skeleton, upon which the psychic continues to build, using his powers of observation and deduction.

It consists of a number of psychological truisms and positive character traits. Most individuals will accept an incredible 80 per cent of the statements as applying specifically to them. This is particularly true, if the traits are ones apparently identified by something that restricts them to the individual, such as the lines of the person's palm, the relationships of stars to each other at the time of his or her birth, or the personalized shuffling and handling of fortune-telling cards.

Further enhancing the high acceptance factor is the fact that most individuals tend to identify and remember those statements in a reading that seem appropriate and meaningful, while they pass over and forget anything that is more or less meaningless to them.

Actually, most formula readings used by psychic readers are nothing more or less than a continuous flow of ambiguous statements, generalizations that apply readily to most people. The client, or sitter, will tend to embellish selected statements, from the reading, with details that make the generalizations appear more accurate than then are.

One technique to keep even the formula reading fresh and 'different' is to mix the order of the statements. In order to do this, most psychic readers have a significantly larger supply of generalized statements than are required or a normal reading, and they draw upon this supply in a random fashion, which means that no two readings need come out exactly the same.

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you are an average individual, you will find the following formula reading amazingly accurate:

The Formula Reading

"I see that you are a very sensitive, energetic person. You have the ability to cope with any situation. Although you are far from a wimpish type of individual, you are not an aggressive, manipulative type, either. You appear to be a very stable person, very reliable. You're the type that tends to take up challenges. You win more than you lose. You are a survivor.

You have a tendency to become impatient with people who are users. You become impatient with people who procrastinate, who are lazy. On the other hand, you would benefit by putting more thought and effort into establishing meaningful relationships. I sense some problems there now. And there are people around you that are weaker willed than you. You have a tendency to be a loner, and you probably would benefit from other friendships in your life, both male and female. And people from different walks of life.

You have the flexibility to adjust to whatever situation comes forth in your life. You have a strongly developed capability to bring stability and balance to situations around you. You nave the ability to bring harmony out of chaos. Many of those around you recognize this. Some look to you to take control.

You are in control of your life, and are able to deal effectively with whatever happens. I sense an inner strength, one that is surprising or not even seen by those around you, who don't always see the real you. You tend to be your own person, with little real need to be dependent upon others.

You have an empathy for nature, for growing things. You like the feel of soil. But you can't always take the time that you would like. Conversely, you have less liking for confined spaces. Sometimes, particularly late at night, you get the feeling that things are closing around you too tightly.

There are indications that you take life very seriously. You don't delude yourself that you are a genius, but you accept that you have a better than average mind. You have a very good education. I would tend to say that you have accomplished more being self-taught than any college would try to claim. You have learned quickly and thoroughly what you want to learn.

You have a great deal of self-confidence and self-respect, and you have the ability to take control of your life and be successful at the goals you undertake. You are not a complainer. You do not give in. You do not give up. You do not compromise easily.

One of your strengths is your ability to observe and evaluate others. You have a strong empathy for other people, an ability to understand them. However, you don't necessarily like them all. You would like to be more open and free. You want others to like you and admire you. There is a suppressed need in you to open doors in your life for the future. In fact, there is a great deal of unused energy that you have not turned to your advantage, and a tendency to procrastinate in some critical areas. On two occasions in the past year, your hesitancy to rock the boat has meant you have failed to reach for the brass ring.

But, unlike many about you, you possess the keys to the doors in your future you want opened. You have a talent for recognizing and understanding the problems of other people and for dealing with those problems.

One of your strong suits is your rock-solid dependability. You can follow instructions and fit readily into any situation that requires teamwork. You are generous with your time, your talent, and your money, so much so that you sometimes allow others to impose upon you. Probably your greatest weakness is your inability to say 'no', at those times when you should.

Your personality tends to attract others to you, both men and women. But through no fault of your own, you tend also to attract losers to you.

There are some moments when you let your imagination run away with you. You recognize them. But you don't spend a great deal of time day dreaming. You are able to make positive, concrete plans. You are able to set goals and accomplish those goals. Whatever you set your mind to achieve you can accomplish, if you wish to devote the energy and effort.

You prefer a casual life style. You have many, many acquaintances, but because of your selectivity, you have only a few close friends. People around you don't always understand you. At times you are extroverted, affable, and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, and reserved. You tend always to hide your innermost feelings from others.

You are discriminating by nature in your choices. You are not easy to please. Most people in your life do not impress you.

I sense that you will enjoy a long and fruitful life, living comfortably beyond your eightieth birthday.

Your inner strength and endurance will bring you the financial success that you choose. You operate mostly from a physical, intellectual, and emotional level, and you are more comfortable with long-term relationships than short-term. There is a throwback to the old-fashion in you, in that you are not loose or promiscuous. Here, too, you tend to march to the beat of a different drummer.

In your life, you're willing to put your energies into a meaningful relationship. You have a very sensual and romantic nature, and can be a loving and caring mate. You came into this world with a strongly developed sense of independence and self-reliance, and I sense that you were able to stand alone at a very early age. I would judge that you were on your own at about sixteen or seventeen years old.

Others recognize this and tend to draw upon your inner strength, leaning on you for support, leaving much of what must be done up to you. One of your most secret fantasies, at times, is that you be allowed to let go. You would like to let someone else take over. Let someone else push the buttons and clear the tracks.

You have a very deep way of dealing with people. You are honest and do not relish playing mind games. You put all of your cards on the table. If someone does you a favor, you feel a debt to repay that favor. There's a streak of the puritan in you. You could not be a bad person if you tried.

With your imagination, your desire to succeed, your goal setting tendencies, and your inner hunger and drive, you have the potential always to accomplish what you choose to achieve in your life. You will experiment with several different career goals in your life, before you find one that satisfies you. But you've always tended to look to the stars, and not been content to meekly accept what has been dealt.

You have a strongly developed sense of adventure, an interest in travel. I sense you will experience a number of fantastic journeys in your life. While you don't usually play mind games with others, you do tend to play mind games with yourself. You have the ability to find excitement looking through travel brochures. I see you visiting places in your mind, but I also see you visiting exciting places in your lifetime in an actual physical way, too.

The figure two repeats itself in your life. I can relate it to potential relationships, to potential long-term career goals, and, maybe, even to children. I see two strong and competing love interests.

You have an exceptionally strong psychic capability. Others call it your mysterious side. Your dark side. Although you have not done as much as you can to develop it, it's out of the ordinary. It makes reading you extremely difficult. You are successful in blocking me out in certain private areas.

All indications are that you will lead a very full life, and find a great deal of contentment in your life, with relationships that grow stronger with the years and with time. Like a good book, your future seems to get better, the further you get into it."

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