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In the United States, the Turbulent 60's launched a movement that was to change forever one aspect of psychic reading ... Gay Rights.

By the start of the 1970s, gays in increasing numbers were coming out of the closet and identifying themselves. Never again would psychic readers be able to sit across from clients, either men or women, and safely mouth the old cliches about early marriages, children, and family aspirations.

In the 1980s, the gay parade intensified, rather than dwindled. Many who didn't openly announce their homosexuality made little effort to conceal it, either. The world was treated to an image of lesbians and gays standing forth, linking arms, and moving into the mainstream.

Suddenly, standard cold-reading texts and techniques, including the tried-and-true books and methods as recent as those of Robert A. Nelson, were as out-of-date as a 15th-century codpiece. As William Gresham pointed out, Gypsy cliches that have withstood the test of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years were no longer completely valid.

But, as the gays moved out of the closet, they brought with them as personal baggage their own unique problems and worries. One national publication, in equating the plight of homosexuals to the discrimination faced by blacks, noted at "the reality of being gay is as indelible, involuntary, and unchangeable as the dark pigments in the black."

But the pros and cons of the argument no longer matter. What is certain is that the person sitting across from the psychic reader, with specific concerns about his or her future, might be straight, gay, or lesbian. It is up to the psychic, if not to determine which, to be able to fashion a reading that will prove to be satisfactory to each.

On the one hand, the psychic who does a straight reading for a gay, and mentions opposite sexual attractions, immediately destroys his credibility. Yet, on the other hand, upwards of 80 per cent of all questions an4roblems brought to a psychic have to do with relationships.

Put another way, eight out of ten persons visiting a psychic want the answers to such questions as "Will I ever find my soul mate?", "Will the relationship last?" I "Will we be happy together?", "Is this the right person for me?', or "Is he (or she) involved with someone else?"

These and many similar questions can be as poignant to a gay or lesbian as they can be to a heterosexual. Gays have questions concerning their careers and jobs, ambitions, money, travel, and health. Their problems can be just as bleak and real as are those of anyone else.

They also can have problems related to stress, discrimination, and self-identity that set them apart, and can bring them back, again and again, to a psychic for a reading.

Some clients have no hesitancy at identifying themselves as gay; others will attempt to keep it a secret. Actually, except for statements that concern gender, readings for straights and gays can be surprisingly similar. But it's in the area of gender that the psychic must take care.

The psychic reader who has developed the practice of talking about relationships, instead of marriages, will find the term has more' meaning, also, to gay clients. Indeed you should try to avoid the needless use of terms, in your reading, that specify gender. Using words like 'soul mate', 'person', or 'individual' allows the client to read a selected gender into our statements. Let the client mentally substitute the word 'man' or 'woman', 'him' or 'her', for 'soul mate' or 'person'.

Ideally, in reading for gay clients, you want them to think you are very much aware they are gay, even if you're not able to determine it.

A practical technique is to insert this comment early in every reading. "It appears that in a past lifetime you were of the opposite sex. Now, as you're working out your karma of this lifetime, you attract to you both males and females, who seek out your friendship, your help, your companionship."

The heterosexual male or female will find no fault with the statement, while a gay or lesbian immediately will give it an entirely different interpretation.

Gay clients, as do straight clients, take their problems and worries to psychic readers, seeking advice and help. And a major worry of most gay males, and some females, relates to one health problem, above all others. That problem is AIDS. A number of their friends may have it. Others may have died from it. There are very few among the gay community who remain completely untouched by AIDS, in one way or another.

Thus, in giving a reading to a gay male, you can safely say, "It appears that many of your friends are no longer with you. I sense they nave passed on to the other side."

Most gay males that approach you for a reading will be concerned with health. Their questions will include "How long am I going to live?", "Am I going to die young?", and "Am I going to get AIDS."

Most gays are artistic, sensitive, and emotional. Combining that fact with the epidemic-like nature of AIDS means they will recognize the reality of a statement like, "You have experienced a particularly dark tragedy in your life, a darkening shadow that hovered around you for a long time."

Most gay males who elect to wear an earring in one ear will wear it in their right ear, as a subtle signal to others. But not all straight males, who also choose to wear an earring, know this practice; they may or may not wear their earring in their left ear. An earring may send mixed signals.

It's safe to predict to most male gays that they have had at least one close female relationship in their life. It may not have been a sexual one, but it ma have been long lasting. Most gays can relate to such a statement, without having to dredge back through their childhood to confirm it. By the same token, most lesbians can relate to at least one close relationship with a male.

By and large, however, most gays and lesbians, like most straights, want long-lasting relationships that can bring love and a sense of meaning into their lives. They want relationships that promise commitment and a companionship that will stay with them into the future. They are afraid of dying young, and don t want to be alone.

The real problem of reading for gays is not in trying to find something to say to them. You simply talk about those same critical areas of human interest you talk about, when you read for anyone else. The real problem for most psychics is in shifting genders, and talking to a male, or a female, about a 'soul mate' of the same sex, about a 'relationship' with the same sex, or about a life-long 'companionship, with the same sex.

Finally, if you are doing a straight reading and a client suddenly interrupts you and tells you that you are wrong in your reading, because he is gay, memorize and use this line:

"No, I am aware of your life-style and sexual preferences. But I'm also aware that you've gone out of your way to conceal them from others. I have no right to pry, to invade the privacy of a client. Your business is your business, and not mine. You didn't reveal yourself to me, so I used the gender that I would for a straight, in doing the reading. The statements and predictions are accurate. I felt you could modify the gender."

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