More Useful Generalities

Before considering techniques for making the formula reading more personalized, here are some additional generalized statements. Remember, don't make the mistake of attempting to memorize an entire reading. Instead, commit to memory as many specific generalities, as you can. Over the years, you'll find you will add many others to your collection.

By drawing upon those generalized statements in a random way, you'll be able to create an almost endless number of skeletal readings, each reading more or less different and fresh.

Experience has shown that eight out of ten of your readings probably will be done for women, since more women than men consult psychic readers. Consequently, most of these additional generalizations are ones that apply especially to women.

Finally, it's of particular importance to keep in mind you are doing the reading for the client or sitter, not for her friends. Your statements, for the most part, should reflect the way she sees herself, and not necessarily the way her friends or acquaintances see her. She is the one who must judge the accuracy of your impressions. And she will view your statements through a different pair of glasses.

We all tend to blame others for faults in ourselves that we don't want to face. Psychologists call it a protective mechanism. The bossy busybody sees herself as helpful and assertive. To a mean and spiteful person, you might say, "You tend to be too nice, too trusting, at times. You are frequently hurt by mean and spiteful individuals around you." That's the way she sees herself.

Each of the following statements will be accepted by most clients as descriptive of themselves:

■ "Money, career, travel, while important, are not as important as having love in your life." (Most women seek understanding, compassion, M tenderness, and will agree with this.)

■ "You are comfortable in a management or supervisory capacity. As a decision maker, you are able to make typical male decisions, and can cope under pressure.. (Such a statement will apply equally well to a 21year old secretary, who recognizes she can do, and often does, the work of her boss, or to a 65 year-old widow, who is forced to make all the decisions once made by her husband.)

■ "You will outlive your first husband." (If she is a widow, you are right. If she is married, she will agree your prediction is probably right. And even if she is unmarried, she will tend to view it as a prediction for the future.)

■ "I sense you were brought up to DO the right things, GO to the right schools, MARRY once and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, as you've found, things don't always work out that way." (This is a strong statement. Isn't that the advice most parents try to give their children. And, of course, it doesn't always work out that way. But, whether it's a problem relating to a failed marriage, drugs, in-laws, or finances, you'll e given the credit for knowing about it.)

■ "I sense you are a touching and hugging individual, tending to seek the Teddy Bear, the Gentle Ben, in the opposite sex."

■ "You tend to be a giver, rather than a taker."

■ "You have a mind similar to a computer, very, very sharp. Very intuitive. Very observant." (Regardless of the person's level of education, most women want to believe they have something on the ball. They want to believe they are difficult to deceive.)

■ "You are deep, analytical, pragmatic. You tend to analyze everyone." (Most people tend to see themselves as better than average judges of character. They will agree with this.)

■ "Something seems to be frustrating you. At times, you seem to be making progress, but at other times, you seem to be slipping backward. There are confusions, delays, and disappointments." (Is there ever a period in a person's life, when all about us is perfect?)

■ "I sense a sentimentality in you, a sensitiveness that is exceptional. You are an incurable romantic, in fact." (Studies show that most women feel they are sentimental and old-fashioned.)

■ "There is a certain amount of jealousy that surrounds you, at times. It goes with the territory. The fact that you are attractive and noticeable, for example, has caused some to accuse you of 'making an entrance' when you enter a room, even when you are completely innocent." (What women doesn't want to secretly believe she is the cause of a certain amount of jealousy among her peers? What woman doesn't want to believe she is the center of most eyes when she enters a room?)

■ "Your nature seems to be success oriented. You are not the type to settle for second-best, and you do not allow yourself to be easily compromised." (Most people strive for a better life, a better personal world, a better existence, and even born losers will see themselves as success oriented.)

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