How long will I live

One difference between the young and the old in this world is that the old would like to be immortal, while the young are. Perhaps, then, it is a first real sign of maturity when a person begins to wonder how long he, or she, will live.

Although the question of longevity is not one a psychic reader will get from relatively young clients, with older clients, it is a question that is asked frequently.

It's asked much too frequently, in fact, to be sloughed off with a shoot from-the-hip answer, even if the answer conforms to existing actuarial tables.

Part of the problem has to do with the fact that you may anticipate reading for the same client more than once. Certainly, you would be expected to give the client the same answer, each time you read for her An obvious solution would be to pick a number within the actuarial spread, such as 78, and use that with all clients. Then, no matter how many times you read for the same client, you would be assured of giving the same answer. But the problem with that approach is that sooner or later several clients might compare answers.

This solution has been used by the legendary Shadow Man for more than twenty-five years, and it helps explain why he so often has been characterized as King of the Cold Readers. The solution is simple, foolproof, and enables you to give different answers to a succession of sitters.

Yet, should you accidentally encounter the same client on the street a week later, or even five years later, you immediately could repeat your prediction concerning the client's longevity.

How? Using 80 as a base for everyone, you simply add to it the number that corresponds to the individual's birth sign. Suppose the client is a Scorpio, which is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. You add the two figures, and predict she will live comfortably beyond her eighty-eighth birthday.

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. For a Leo, you would predict that he would live comfortably beyond his eighty-fifth birthday. Weeks or years later, those predictions could be made again for the same individuals, and they would be the same.

And, in this concept, too, there is a beneficial spin-off. No client will readily forget how long you predict she is going to live. Years later, all have to do is find out what you predicted concerning the client's longevity, and you immediately will know the person's birth sign.

Like origami, the intricate Japanese art of paper folding, the concept changes configuration as it is folded back on itself.

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