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Most first-time clients will approach the reading with considerable trepidation. Many will be extremely nervous. They will have come to u with a deep-seated problem or worry. Maybe they have hidden the problem from themselves, but it is there, in the background. Lurking.

They want some indication of interest. Some sympathy. Some helpful advice. But, first, you must read their mind, reach back into their innermost thoughts, and identify what is troubling them.

If you are successful at doing that, they will believe your advice as to what they should do about the problem. There is no real logic to it, but it's what they expect from the psychic reader. That's you.

You now know what to anticipate from the reading, the words to say, the pitfalls to guard against. You know the need and ways to make them feel comfortable, relaxed.

The oven timer has been set. The reading begins. And, now, it is a battle between you and the client. She wants you to win, but outwardly helping you would destroy your credibility, make you the loser.

How do you know when you are targeting her worry? How do you know when the reading is working? Here are several more useful tips.

Drop your voice a bit as you start the reading. It will force her to lean forward, to focus her energies on hearing your words. She will be less guarded, more open, more revealing.

Deliberately try to duplicate her breathing pattern. It not only is a means to establish empathy between the two of you, but you'll be able to determine immediately whenever she chances that pattern. And you can relate any changes in that pattern to your words.

Place your left hand palm down on the table. Have her lightly rest the palm of her hand on the back of yours. It creates an intimacy, and it gives you an opportunity to utilize a form of muscle reading. Look elsewhere, as you talk, but keep your attention focused on the weight of her hand. She unconsciously will alert you, as you begin to target her problem.

A psychic reading, particularly if it successful, can be a very intense experience for a client. She may be just as nervous when it's over, as she was when it began. Her mind may be working furiously. Certainly, she will be thinking back over what you had to say.

She may remember to pay you. She may not think of it. If you think her mind is elsewhere, smile, as you rise, and say, "You may pay me, if you like." It's a nice way to ask for your fee.

What should you charge? Your fee should be established in advance and clearly understood. In an affluent area, you may charge a bit more, in a less affluent area, it would be a bit less, but an average rate is about $30 for a half-hour reading and $60 for an hour reading.

One means to set your rates is to determine what other local psychics are charging for similar readings. Most will be glad to quote a price over the telephone; almost all like to work by appointment.

A random survey of prices in the Los Angeles area showed minor variations. But most palm readings seemed to be priced around $20. They, also, were the readings for which the least amount of time was quoted.

The prices went up when card, tea leaf, and psychometric readings were promised. Most Tarot card readings seemed to be priced between $30 and $45, while psychometric readings, in which the psychic picks up vibrations from an inanimate object obtained from the sitter, started around $35 and topped out around $60.

Crystal ball readings, some priced at more than $100, were by far the most expensive, in the informal price survey.

On the other hand, psychic fairs, which offer one of the easiest ways to obtain needed practice, are one of the lowest paying. Usually, the sponsor sets the fee, and you get to keep half of what you take in during the fair.

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