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The difference between a psychic and the person coming to the psychic is if the person meditates, looking in their mind for the light at the end of the tunnel, they may not be able to see the tunnel. The psychic should be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the next tunnel and the next tunnel and the next tunnel.

If you try to impress the person with the magnitude of your predictions, you would be in error. They come to you initially convinced that you have more mentally going for you than they do, that probably in your own way you are able to help them. It's really not necessary to do any center tears, billet work, marked cards, because all that you have to do in a thirty minute reading or a sixty minute reading is to have that person think that you're doing magic, gimmicks and gaffs, you would have blown the whole reading.

You'll be thoroughly amazed in doing a reading by attempting to give that person advice, attempting to create an empathy with that individual. You will be very successful in doing that. If there is one thing that I try to create within a reading, is to identify with the person, and to create an empathy with that individual.

Do that and they'll give you information. I indicated earlier that I close my eyes. I do not ask questions. In a thirty-minute reading, this would happen probably for the first twenty minutes. In the final ten portion of the reading, I would open my eyes and say something to the person. "Oh you're still awake. I thought I was boring you." Or "I thought I was putting you to sleep."

The person would say, "no, would you indicate again what you meant by this statement." And then you can say, "normally I do not ask any questions of my clients, but I do have one question for you." If you have a particular question.

After the reading is over, the person will swear on a stack of bibles that your eyes were closed for the full thirty minutes of the reading, or sixty minutes of the reading, whatever the case may be. They will swear that you never asked them any questions. After the person is gone take down notes, i.e., birthday, things that were said, the situation of the person, etc. Upon returning, you can simply pop a card out of your file to give you a little bit of background on the person. They will not remember everything they said to you.

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