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It is fairly common, either during, or after the reading is concluded for your client to ask you "Do you know what my occupation is?" A variation of this question is "Do you sense what job I would be best at?" Or: "What career goals should I aim at?" I believe that my answer is the closest you will get to the ideal response. The key to the perfect answer is the word "REHABILITATE."

Webster's Dictionary defines: REHABILITATE. REHABILITATION, REHABILITATIVE, REHABILITATOR To restore to a former capacity, to reinstate, to restore to good repute, To reestablish a good name. To restore to a former state as of good management or efficiency or solvency. To restore or bring to a condition of good health or useful and constructive activity. Think about this for a moment.

There are a multitude of job responsibilities that include some sort of Rehabilitation. Listed here are a few, and I am sure you can add to this list. Doctors, Nurses, Guidance Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Chiropractors, Attorneys, Priests, Hypnotherapists, Poets, Artists, Policemen, Educators, All self help groups, Financial planners, Therapists.

No matter what our chosen profession, in many ways we feel that on some level we are able to "Rehabilitate" someone's mind, body or spirit. It is a word that will fit most people. The person that denies having any rehabilitative effect on anyone probably would not be coming to you for a reading anyway.

You don't have to wait until this question is asked by your client, make the statement during your reading.

Another word that can be used with almost the same effect is "THERAPEUTIC." During a reading, either over the telephone, in person, or on tape I would say: "One of your strongest talents is the fact that you have a therapeutic or rehabilitative effect on most people that you encounter." Very Strong!

When a person first sits down at my table for a reading, I will innocently ask, "How long are you here for?" The answer might be: "I just flew in from New York, or Florida, and I am here for just a day."

Great! You get credit for knowing that she is from out of town.

If she is from near-by and questions what I mean, I say "I meant how long is the reading you want, a half hour or a full hour?" Very often, you will be given credit for your superior intuition.

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