Chapter Eighteen Gently Gently

Fortune-telling is based upon the concept that it's possible to utilize unknown powers to predict the future and identify favorable courses of action. It presumes, in most instances, that the unconscious minds of the psychic and the sitter are able to establish rapport and that both are "in touch with the forces of destiny."

It's strange, then, when you think about it, that the modern-day pseudo-psychic uses much the same techniques that have filled man's dreams, down through the years. Best results are obtained when the reader is able to anticipate the mind-set and the thoughts of the sitter, to identify her secret worries and fears.

This book, studied carefully, will teach you how to know the innermost thoughts of a sitter, how to look into her future. And you can. But advising the sitter with respect to her future is like proffering, advice to your spouse; it's a thing best done gently, gently.

As all parents and all teachers know, in dealing with the mind, it is best to do so with care. Prophesies can become self-fulfilling. Fears can be calmed. Or they may be made into nightmares.

In fortune-telling, the word 'medium' is appropriate. No matter what technique you employ to perceive answers about the future, the perceptions are yours and you are the final medium through which those perceptions become transmitted to the sitter.

You should transmit those perceptions and thoughts with common sense and more than reasonable care. "It's quite true," as one wag put it; "going to visit a psychic is heady stuff."

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