Beware of Too Many Predictions

Analyze the Formula Reading, and you'll find it contains relatively few long-range predictions. This is not by chance. It is done deliberately, and or a purpose.

Inexperienced psychic readers will sometimes devote too much of their reading to predictions. They heap one prediction on top of another, possibly on the theory that, as the number goes up, their chances for being right become that much better. They predict future travel, future wealth, future relationships, and future happiness.

But, in concentrating on the future, they forget that the client must form an opinion about the reading based upon the present. Those many as-yet-to,-be-proven predictions, even if they should eventually turn out to be 100 per-cent true, can have little weight in the client's immediate evaluation of your skills.

Satisfied clients and word-of-mouth repeat business depend upon your ability to instill confidence in the sitter, at the time of the reading. Your client must be shown that you are right about her now, if she is to believe your predictions will come true in the future.

"The confidence factors" is what the man who has been called King of the Cold Readers terms it. He sees it as a critical aspect of every reading, and of vital importance to repeat business.

"You gain that confidence only by earning it " he points out. "Toward that end, I spend most of my energy in my readings on telling clients certain irrefutable truths about themselves.

"I strive to develop an accurate 'personality profile', during the reading, one that fits the client like a glove. After all, if I am demonstratively right about the present, my predictions about the future could also prove accurate."

Out of dozens and dozens of 'specific generalizations' about the client, in a reading, only a few will concern really long-range predictions. To further enhance the confidence factor, he asks the client to give no response until the reading is finished.

"I use no pumping, no fishing e editions, and no special questions from me," he adds. "The best predictions seemingly should not be in answer to a client's question." This is not to say that he doesn't get a great deal of useful information from the client, but he makes no obvious attempts to obtain such information, with repeated questions.

There is one important area within every psychic reading, of course, that demands a prediction, or answer, and that is the area that relates to the real, or imaginary, problem that faces the client. The sitter wants help with that problem. Quite frequently, it's her sole reason for visiting the psychic.

No reading can be totally successful, in the eyes of such a person, unless the psychic is able to quickly identify the problem facing her, and help provide the answer to it.

The successful psychic soon learns that it's not a near-endless variety of long-range predictions people want but a simple answer to their worries, a solution to the problem that is plaguing them. Touching on that problem, and identifying it, is not as impossible as it sounds.

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