Baubles and Gemstones

The summer of 1983 was even wetter and colder than usual in England, and soot-dyed moisture traced skeletal patterns on the big windows at Heathrow airport, outside of London.

Passengers for the big 747 jumbo-jet that was scheduled to depart for Los Angeles waited in the gate lounge, having already cleared through the slow lines of the security hand-luggage check. Some dozed. Some tried to read. Parents wearily watched the acrobatics of their children.

In one corner, a bearded, bear of a man stood with his feet on either side of his attaché case, as though he dared anyone to try to take it. His eyes quickened as an old man approached him and held out a tiny purple stone, a piece of amethyst quartz.

"You won't remember me," the old man said, "but you told my fortune at a company party almost fourteen years ago. Most everything you told me came true, too. Just the way you said it. You gave me this little piece of quartz from your personal collection, and told me it would ring me luck, if I hung onto it. And you said you could hold it and energize or recharge it, if I ever saw you again."

The big man looked hard at the other, but there was no recognition, no name. He was just one of more than 100,000 people he had done psychic readings for in more than a quarter of a century.

But he squeezed the purple stone in his fist, and suddenly his eyes been to blaze. "The power of the bit of crystal remains strong," he said, "matching the power and energy that flows through you. No, I don't remember you, but I sense the figure seven around you, seven's everywhere. Seven would be a lucky number for you. And I sense that you are going to live comfortably past your eighty-seventh birthday. From the energy force surging around you, I sense you would be a Libra person. An Aries would be a soul mate. Would I be right?"

He was not only right about the old man being a Libra, but some fourteen years before, at a company party, he had told the man he would find seven to be a lucky number, that he would live comfortably beyond his eighty-seventh birthday, and that an Aries would make a good soulmate.

The secret of this remarkable demonstration, in the TWA terminal of the rain-dampened London airport, lay in the tiny gemstone that was handed to the master psychic by the old man, who had first received it from the psychic fourteen years before.

The stone provided the psychic with five different bits of information about the person who was carrying it. It told the psychic the individual's Zodiac sign, his lucky number, the predicted age to which he would live, his aura color, and the Zodiac sign of his soul mate.

The concept, worked out by the Shadow Man more than thirty years ago in conjunction with his readings, has been a closely guarded secret until now, and is being revealed here in print for the first time.

Initially, his quest was for something both inexpensive and different he could give to each person for whom he read. Something the person would keep. He hit upon the gemstones, after visiting a rock shop. Stones, about the size of a person's little fingernail, can be obtained for an average cost of about ten cents.

In addition to a supply of stones, you will need to memorize the twelve Zodiac signs, in their numerical order, and the twelve colors assigned to the Zodiac. See the chart below:








Ruby (Imitation)








Rose Quartz
















Apache Tears

















If you haven't already committed the colors associated with the twelve Zodiac signs to memory, these memory aids will help you make the task easy.

Aries is blue. Think of a blue ram.

Taurus is red. Think of someone waving a red cape at a bull.

Gemini is yellow. Think of Siamese (yellow) twins.

Cancer is pink. Think of pink, healthy tissue fighting cancer.

Leo is copper. Think of the copper-colored mane of a lion.

Virgo is white. Think of a white, virginal bridal dress.

Libra is purple. Think of purple scales.

Scorpio is black. Think of the black-widow spider for Scorpio.

Sagittarius, the archer, is green. Think of the green hat of Robin Hood, the archer.

Capricorn is orange. Think of the stubborn goat eating an orange.

Aquarius is silver. Think of a silvery splash of water.

Pisces is gold. Think of a gold fish.

The gemstones, each representing one of the twelve colors, are available at rock shops. The ruby, of course, is simply an inexpensive red stone. The color of the various gemstones is the important thing, not their value. The stone you give to the client, following a reading, is one that corresponds to the color of his Zodiac sign. Thus, the purple amethyst that showed up fourteen years later at Heathrow represented Libra, the seventh sign of the Zodiac.

Since the individual was a Libra, you would have told him, during the course of his reading that seven would be a lucky number for him. Using eighty as a base, and adding seven to it, you also would have told him he would live comfortably beyond his eighty seventh birthday.

In order to systematize the assignment of a soul mate to an individual, get an imaginary image of the face of your watch in mind. Assign one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac to each of the twelve numerals, beginning with Aries at one and ending with Pisces at twelve.

Now, to pick a soul mate for an individual, simple take the Zodiac sign that is directly across the face of the watch from that individual's own sign. Libra would be located at seven o'clock, for example. Directly across the watch from seven is one. The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries. Years later, you would know immediately that would be the sign you would pick as the soul mate of a Libra.

For the aura color for an individual, you use the color that represents his Zodiac sign. For Libra, it would be purple or violet.

Seventy per cent of the recipients of the stones will retain them, carrying them for either luck or energy. For the few pennies they cost, they add a personal touch to your reading, and probably more than pay for themselves in word-of-mouth advertising.

You impress upon the person that the stone is from your private collection. "It should not be given away," you caution the individual. "It should not be sold or traded. It should be kept on you wherever you go. Should you encounter me at some future date, I will be happy to reenergize the stone."

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