¥his effect makes a great prelude or follow up to "Into the Fourth Dementia." It was inspired by a routine explained to me by a friend, who credited a European magician named David Penn (whom I've never met or heard of, but I don't get around much!). This is a fun routine that requires no gimmicks or difficult sleights!

Effect: You introduce a 5-inch ring, explaining that, while it looks perfectly harmless, it is actually a hole in the fiber of the time/space continuum — a hole that fans of Einstein and Star Trek would call a "wormhole." However, the hole only affects objects made of metal. You demonstrate its properties by holding a coin in your hand. When you move the opening of the ring over your hand, the coin vanishes! But when you put your hand back through the ring and open it, the coin is back! Next, you toss a coin through the ring and it vanishes in midair, only to reappear (in midair) and complete its descent several seconds later! Finally, you explain that if too many trips are made through the wormhole, permanent damage (anomalies) can result. So saying, you drop the coin through the ring a final time, and as it falls, it "morphs" into a huge, 3-inch coin!

Requirements and preparation: You need two matching half dollars, a 3-inch jumbo half dollar and a 5-inch metal ring (such as a single ring from a mini linking ring set). The props are displayed in photo 58. Place the jumbo coin in your right front pants pocket and both of the regular halves and the ring in another pocket that is easily accessible by your right hand.

Method and performance: Reach into the pocket with the ring. Finger-palm one of the coins and take the other coin and the ring at the fingertips and bring the hand out of the pocket. Any "talking" that the two coins may have done when you were obtaining one in finger-palm is covered by the fact that you are holding a coin and a metal ring.

Take the ring at the left fingertips and hold the coin at the right fingertips, utilizing Ramsay Subtlety to hide the finger-palmed coin (photo 59—audience view). Hand the ring to Whitney (on your right) and the coin to Boomer (on your left) as you begin to explain the concept of the wormhole.

Photo 59

While you are talking and they are examining the props, scratch your head with your right hand as if all this is a bit difficult to explain. Meanwhile, load the finger-palmed coin on the top of your head in preparation for the Ammar midair coin production (page 13). Spread your arms out to the sides, allowing both hands to be seen empty as you say, "It will be easier if I just demonstrate what happens." (photo 60)

Retrieve the ring with your right hand and pass it over your left hand, leaving it hanging on the left forearm. Take the coin from Boomer with your right hand and drop it on your left fingers. Close your fingers as your left hand turns palm down, working the coin into heel clip. As you move your right hand to the left forearm to get the ring, pass directly below the left hand, allowing the coin to drop onto the right fingers in open finger palm position (photo 61).

Photo 61

Immediately turn the left fist palm up, as your right hand takes the ring between thumb and forefinger, finger-palming the coin (and hiding it in Ramsay Subtlety—photo 62). Move the ring off the arm, pause for dramatic effect, and then slowly open the left fingers to show the coin has vanished.

The right hand still holds the ring between thumb and forefinger and the coin is in right finger palm. Make sure that the fingers palming the coin are in front of the ring, as shown in photo 63.

Put the ring back onto the left forearm. En route, the left fingers start to close and you drop the coin from right finger palm into the left hand under cover of the closing left fingers (photo 64). Done smoothly and at a good pace (but not rushed), this load is completely invisible. Release the ring, pause a beat and then slowly open the left hand to show that the coin has returned.

Explain that you have been demonstrating the wormhole's effect on where the coin exists in space. "It has been traveling to a parallel universe and back as it passes through the wormhole."

As you talk, casually display the coin, ending with it in position for a French Drop. Pretend to take the coin with the right hand, executing a French Drop (allowing the coin to fall into left finger palm as your right fingers come in front of it and pretend to take it — photo 65).

Photo 62

Photo 62

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