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Photo 155

Remember the two half dollars I put in my pocket earlier? Watch!" Spread the top C/S coin to the left about halfway across the width of the lower coin.

Move the right hand toward your left pants pocket. Under cover of this large motion, lift the middle finger and rest it on top of the upper coin as displayed in photo 155.

Strike the pocket with the coins, simultaneously turning them over by pressing down with the middle finger. The thumb moves back out of the way as the coins pivot around the side of the middle finger and then the thumb returns and pins the coins in place on the outer joint of the middle finger (photo 156). All this happens within the span of a second or two as the hand moves to the left and strikes the pocket.

Immediately rebound off the leg and display the two C/S. Use your thumb to slide them into open right finger palm.

Show your left hand empty and reach into your pants pocket. Finger palm the two S at the inner corner, then take the two C at the fingertips. Remove your hand, displaying the two C, hiding the two S in Ramsay Subtlety.

Do Han Ping Chien, switching the two C/S for the two S. To wit: The right hand is held below and just to the right of the left hand. As you begin to turn the right hand over to apparently dump its coins on the table, bring your right thumb up onto the coins as in photo 157.

The left hand releases the coins from finger palm, allowing them to drop onto the table, as it moves to the left (apparently to get out of the way of the turning right hand), and the right hand turns over onto these coins (photo 158). Practice this until you get the timing down. The right hand should land on the falling coins. It should simply appear that you turned the right hand over onto the table.

Move your right hand up and back (gaffed coins in finger palm), exposing the two normal silver coins on the table (photo 159). To the audience, it appears that they are the same two coins from your right hand.

Go to the pocket for the purse with your right hand as your left hand tables the two C. The right hand ditches the two C/S in the pocket and thumb-palms the karate coin..

Photo 155

Photo 156
Photo 157
Photo 158

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