Profiles in Coinage

right forearm back and pivot the wrist so that the right hand extends behind the edge of the table like a servante. Refer to photo 8. Start to bring the left hand down as if to push the penny through and then stop, saying you will let a spectator choose the spot where the coin will penetrate.

Move the left hand back to the table's edge, apparently to allow the spectator to show you where she wants the coin to pass through the table. As she does this, let the heel clipped coin drop into the right hand (photo 9) Immediately move the left hand to the chosen spot. Flatten the hand on the table as before, click the coin in the right hand against the underside of the table, and lift the left hand, turning it palm up before the right hand brings the penny into view.

Set the penny to your far left as the right hand picks up the dollar. Freely display the empty left hand before placing it under the table. Pivot the forearm and wrist as you did with the right arm before, so that the left hand is now a servante. Hold the dollar flat against the right fingers, with about half of it showing past the fingertips. You will do Hirata Master Move to make the dollar appear to penetrate the table: Hold the coin about a foot above the table, approximately three inches from the edge and in line with your waiting left hand. See photo 10.

As you bring the right hand down to the table, the thumb moves back off the coin and the middle finger gently pushes the coin back, altering its trajectory so that it clears the table and lands in the left hand. The important thing to remember is that the coin is NOT tossed backwards, nor does the hand arc inward. Look at photo 11. The hand moves along the path shown by the bold line and the coin moves along the path shown by the thin line. The hand falls at the same speed as the coin, providing cover. It will take some practice to consistently hit the left hand, but it is not particularly difficult, and when properly performed, this is the finest sleight-of-hand method for pushing a coin through a table ever invented. The coin seems to visibly penetrate the tabletop!

Lift the right hand and bring the left hand into view with the dollar. Keep the dollar in the left hand and pick up the penny, holding it on top of the dollar, fanned to the left. Reach across your body with your left hand to get the centavo at your far right. Meanwhile, your right hand obtains the clip from your belt (photo 12).

Hold the centavo on top of the penny such that the three coins are

Photo 8
Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 10

Photo 11

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