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the shape of the shaker. Say, "That's odd! Let's try it again!" Move the right hand with the "shaker" forward to set it on the table. Just before the napkin shell hits the table, the left fingers apparently place the coin under it. Actually, you do a retention pass (see notes), clinking the coin against the ring on your right ring finger. This simulates the sound of the coin hitting the glass bottom of the shaker, creating a very convincing illusion. The coin is transferred to left finger palm (photo 31) as the left hand drops to the side.

Pretend to press down on the shaker again and ask Earl if he felt the coin arrive in his hands. When he says no, act surprised and remark that you were certain it went that time. Lift the napkin shell, keeping the bottom tilted toward you. The coin is not on the table. Bring the left hand up, forefinger extended, coin in Ramsay subtlety, as you state that the coin must be stuck in the middle of the table and you just need to push harder. Bring the shell down, pause a beat, and squash the napkin flat on the table (photo 32). Meanwhile, your left fingers stick the coin in your left eye. You will get a VERY strong reaction to the shaker's disappearance. Pick up the napkin and turn it over and toss it on the table. Someone may grab it to look for the coin and the shaker. It usually takes a while for people to look up at you. Wait without comment until they do, one by one. Those who see the coin in your eye will laugh, and then laugh again as others see it. After everyone notices the coin, remove it from your eye and place it in your pocket. "I've always had an eye for good magic-to coin a phrase. As for the salt shaker, well, I'm glad you didn't need it!"


You really need to try this routine or see it performed to appreciate the powerful impact and entertainment value it has. It makes a great opener, and it also makes a great stand-alone piece for those times you can't perform a whole set at a table because of time constraints. In addition, it resets very easily! Just remove the shaker from your right side coat pocket and the coins from your breast pockets, and put a new napkin in your pocket. Classic palm one coin, put the other on your head, and you're ready to wow another table!

Retention Pass — The coin rests on the first joint of your right middle finger. Turn your right hand palm down over the left palm, holding the ball against the right fingers with your right thumb. Flare up the right ring finger and pinky, flashing the coin (photo 33). Begin to close the left fingers. As soon as you feel the left fingers touch the right pinky (photo 34, exposed side view), turn the right wrist inward and lift the right hand straight up, carrying the coin along with it (photo 35) as the left fingers pretend to close around the coin.

Bare Bones Explanation of Eye-Con

1. One coin on head, one classic palmed in right hand which also holds the shaker. Palmed coin loaded under shaker as it is placed on pad to your right.

2. Spectator holds cupped hands together in front of you. Wave both hands, crossing and uncrossing them, over his hands twice. As they uncross 2nd time, let coin fall from head into his hands.

3. Take the coin at the left fingertips. Do a retention pass, keeping it in left finger palm and closing right hand as if it held coin. Bring left hand up, forefinger extended (Ramsay Subtlety). Bring down and count one, repeat for two. As hand comes up for three, place coin in left eye. Finger comes down, touches right hand, which opens to reveal vanish. Show left hand empty also and then reveal coin in eye.

4. Cock head back and to left. Turn body 360 degrees, letting coin fall from eye into breast pocket when your back is to the audience. Reveal coin under shaker.

5. Place coin at center of pad, cover with shaker. Cover shaker with napkin, molding it into shell of shaker. Spectator holds hands under table to catch coin as it passes through. Lift napkin-covered shaker with right hand, bringing it back and letting shaker fly into topit by inertia as left hand picks up coin.

6. As right hand replaces napkin shell on table, left hand does retention pass as if placing coin under shaker, clinking coin against ring to create sound effect.

7. Pretend to push down on "shaker." Ask spectator if coin fell into his hand. Lift "shaker" to reveal coin has vanished.

8. "Must be stuck in the middle of the table!" Replace shell and squash it flat as left hand loads coin in left eye.

9. Pick up napkin, turn it over and toss it onto table for examination. Wait until everyone notices the coin in your eye.

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