Flying Turtles

In Great Scott! It's (Coin) Magic!, I included my handling and presentation for Eddie Fechter's "Flying Eagles." I have since developed a handling of the same routine with a shell coin, which makes the displays cleaner. I refer you to the above book for the presentation, which was highly praised by no less an expert than Larry Jennings. Ideally, you will come up with your own presentation.

Effect: Six quarters are shown in two rows of three. Three are then taken in the left hand. One by one, the remaining three are taken in the right hand and caused to magically and invisibly travel to the closed left hand. All six are placed in a spectator's hand. You grab an invisible coin and toss it at the spectator's closed fist. When she opens her hand and the coins are counted, there are seven! This seventh coin then instantly grows into a huge 3" coin!

Requirements and preparation: Six coins (half dollars in the photos), an expanded shell and a matching jumbo coin. Put the shell on one of the coins and stack them, with the shelled coin third from the top. Put the coins in a coin purse or pouch. Put the jumbo coin in your right front pants pocket.

Method and performance: Introduce the pouch and remove the coins in a stack, placing them on the base of the left fingers. Thumb over the top three onto the right fingers, without reversing their order. As the left hand dumps its three coins onto the table, the right thumb contacts the edge of the shell, pivoting it away from the coin below as the hand turns so the back faces the audience (photo 176).

The formerly shelled coin stays behind in finger palm as the two coins and shell are placed on the table in a vertical row to the right, shell nearest you. Meanwhile, the left hand lines the other coins in a vertical row on the left.

Pick up the first coin on the left at the right fingertips and drop it into the left hand, which immediately closes over it. Pick up the next coin and drop it, along with the finger-palmed coin, into the left hand (which opens just long enough to catch the coins — photo 177). Finally, toss the third coin into the left hand.

Photo 177

Pick up the two coins and shell with the right hand (starting with the outer coin), nesting the shell and top coin as the hand closes. Make a tossing motion with the right fist and then open the right hand, fairly displaying two coins (photo 178). As the left hand dumps its coins and aligns them in a row, set one coin and the shell on the right, holding back one coin as explained in the previous phase.

Pick up the coins at the left one at a time, tossing them into the left hand (adding the palmed coin on the third toss). Pick up the shell and coin on the right, and as you nest them in your closing right hand, jingle the coins in the left to cover any noise. Make a tossing motion, open the right hand and table the shelled coin as the left dumps its five coins onto the table (photo 179).

With your right hand, pick up and drop the five coins one at a time into the left hand and then say you will make the last coin join the others. Openly pick up the shelled coin and place it atop the coins in the left hand. (This is an old gag to magicians, but it gets a good laugh from laypeople.) Say you were just joking.

Open the left hand and remove only the shell. Immediately close the left hand again. As you close your right hand and make a tossing motion, thumb palm (page 11) the shell. Open the right hand palm down over the table, keeping the shell thumb palmed, draw the hand back and lower it, resting the right fingers on the edge of the table (photo 180).

Dump the coins out of the left hand and spread them to show six. As the right hand stacks them, let the shell drop and nest on the first (bottom) coin. Ask Evelyn to hold out her cupped hand. Place the coins one at a time onto her hand, putting the shelled coin on top. Do this slowly and fairly as you count six coins. Fold her fingers over the stack. Point to an invisible coin in the air, have Delmer pretend to grab it and toss it to Evelyn. Ask her to open her fingers. Remove just the shell and set it on the table as you count one. Remove the remaining coins singly, tabling them in a row next to the shell as you count seven coins.

During the reaction, steal the jumbo coin from your pocket, holding it in the left hand as shown in photo 181. Pick up the shell with your right hand, holding it in open finger palm.

Ask Evelyn to hold out her hand and point to the palm with your left forefinger as you ask her to hold her hand flat (photo 182).

Change it into the jumbo by performing Han Ping Chien (page 52) onto Evelyn's palm (photo 183, her hand removed for clarity).

Add the shell onto the coins as you pick them up and display three in each hand. Stack the coins, putting the shelled coin third from the top, and replace them in the pouch. Place the jumbo coin in your pocket, and you are reset!

Photo 179
Photo 180
Photo 181
Photo 182

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