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A good coin routine, when performed well, rewards both the performer and his audience with a special sense of satisfaction. Coins are inherently interesting anyway, and when a pleasing story or presentation and a magical occurrence or two is thrown into the mix, the end result adds amazement and entertainment to that interest.

Compiled here are 22 routines from my current or past working repertoire. Among them you will find my versions of some of coin magic's classic plots, as well as a few concepts you may not have run across before. I think they are all solid, strong routines. I know from experience that they "play," at least when I perform them.

As always, not everyone will like every trick, and to get the most from them you will need to infuse them with your own personality, style, mannerisms and delivery. If you do that and give them plenty of thoughtful practice and rehearsal, I know you will receive value for your purchase.


Scott F. Guinn

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