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I came up with an idea for gaffing a coin for card and coin routines. Later, I learned Richard Bartram, Jr. had independently created the same gaff several years earlier. Therefore, he gets the credit.

I had been playing around with different uses for the Bartram gaff (which I thought was original at the time), and came up with the following routine.

Effect: You show both sides of a playing card and place it over a small, clear glass. The card completely covers the mouth of the glass. Next, a half dollar is placed on top of the card. You pick up the coin in your right hand and then bring it down against the card. The half dollar is seen and heard to drop into the glass, even though the card has continuously covered the mouth of the glass! You remove the card, showing both sides. You dump the coin out of the glass and display it as well. There are no holes or flaps in the cards, and the coin and glass are ungimmicked.

Requirements and preparation: To perform this stunner, you'll need two matching half dollars, two matching court cards (I use the KH), a joker and a shot glass that will hold a half dollar. This glass should be faceted or have a logo or pattern on it so that the view into the glass from the side is somewhat obstructed. You'll also need some Blue-tac and a few basic office supplies.

You need to split one of the court cards. Don't panic, as you only need a small section of it. So first, set one of the coins on the center of the face of the card and trace around the coin with a pencil.

Now tap a corner of the card against the bare tabletop until the layers of the card start to separate (photo 165). Slowly start to peel away the top (face) layer from the rest of the card. After you've got the separation started (about a half-inch), set the card on the table face down. Stick your right forefinger and middle finger tips into the split, holding the face layer on the table as your left hand peels the other two layers off the face by pulling upward and outward (photo 166). Slide your fingers further into the separation as the card is being peeled apart. When the face layer is completely separated, cut out the circle you traced earlier, using an exacto knife.

With some rubber cement, attach the circle of card to one of the coins, and trim away any excess that may protrude over the edge of the coin. This completes the preparation for the gaffed coin (photo 167).

Photo 168

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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