The Bobo Coin Vanish

The main point in favor of this and the three coin vanishes that follow is an illusive element called retention of vision. In other words, not only does the coin actually appear to be placed in the left hand-the spectators think they see it in that hand AFTER the hands separate. The result of the perfect illusion these sleights create is complete deception.

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Hold a half dollar by its edge between the tips of the right thumb and middle finger and place it squarely in the palm of the left hand, Fig. 1. Retain this grip on the coin as you close your left fingers over it. Open the left first two fingers so the spectators may see that the half dollar is actually in the left hand, Fig. 2.

Although the following moves are carried through as one complete action they will be described separately for better understanding.

Close the first two fingers of the left hand over the coin and hold that hand quite loosely and relaxed. Left little finger rests on outer joint of the right thumb. Study the position of the hands in Fig. 2. The left little finger and the outer joint of the right thumb act as a pivot for the two hands as they turn inward together. The left hand turns clockwise as the right hand turns counterclockwise. And both must turn simultaneously, until the backs of both hands are toward the spectators, Fig. 3. The right thumb and middle finger still retain their grip on the coin and they bend inward as the two hands turn over. Hands are still together at this point and the half dollar is outside the left fist. (Fig. 4 shows how the hands appear from the rear.)

Although the spectators are never conscious of the hands being in this position because there is no hesitation in the action, they are pictured in this position for clarity.

At this juncture the right hand moves inward toward the left shoulder and thence outward again, making a pass over the back of the left fist a couple of times. As the right hand moves back toward the body at the start of this action the coin is thumb palmed.

Going back to Fig. 4 you will observe that the half dollar is held by the thumb and middle finger of the right hand. In order to thumb palm the coin place the forefinger on top of it and remove the thumb, holding the coin between the first two fingers. These two fingers deposit it in thumb palm position as the hand swings inward and outward making the first pass over the left fist, Continue passing the right hand over the left fist a couple more times. Finally, diminish the passes, open the left hand and show that the coin has faded away.

A great many words have been necessary to describe this vanish which only takes a moment to perform and is not difficult once the exact mechanics are thoroughly understood.

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