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Standing full face to the audience, hold both hands open (palm up, with the tips of the fingers stretched out to the front), and about two inches apart. Show a coin in the right hand, and then toss it back and forth from one hand to the other a few times. When the coin arrives back in the right hand after a few tosses, place the right thumb on top of the coin and pretend to toss it back into the left hand. Actually the right thumb retains the coin as the left hand closes, Fig. 1. Immediately move the right hand forward with its back toward the spectators, passing it first over the knuckles of the left fist, then inward, underneath the fist to the wrist which is grasped with the right thumb and fingers, thumb on top and fingers underneath. Under cover of this movement, which is done to illustrate to a spectator how you want him to hold your wrist, the coin is tossed into the left sleeve, Fig. 2.

If this action is executed in a casual, natural manner the spectators will be unaware that anything unusual had happened.

Extend your closed fist toward a spectator with a request that he hold your wrist as you have just illustrated. Explain to the audience how difficult it would be for you to remove the coin from the left fist without being detected. Then slowly work the fingers together pretending to crumble the coin to nothingness, and finally open the hand to show the coin vanished.

A vanish of a coin performed under these conditions is quite intriguing to the spectators and they are at a loss to explain its disappearance.

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