Routine No

Requisites and Preparation: A half dollar with a fitted shell, a quarter, and a glass disc the size of a half dollar.

Have glass disc in right trousers pocket, the quarter and shell covered half in right coat pocket.

I. Place right hand in coat pocket, palm quarter and bring out shell covered half and show as one coin. Do How to Make Money. In this trick you retain the shell in right hand as you toss half into left. Produce shell (as half dollar) from behind left elbow and place it along side real half in left hand. Slip quarter into shell as you take it in right hand. Pass shell and half over each other and cause the half to suddenly change to a quarter as the half nests in the shell. Show shell covered half and quarter in right hand. Toss half and quarter into left hand and retain shell in right hand. Show real half and quarter in left hand.

After remarking that the quarter is a profit on the original investment, pick it up with right hand and place it in right trousers pocket along with shell. Finger palm glass disc and remove hand from pocket.

II. Now do The Ghost of a Coin (see first trick, Routine No. 8, for description). This makes a good stopping point, but if you wish to continue you can do so as follows: After the spectator has opened his hand and found the glass disc, pick it up with your right hand and switch it for the half dollar as you pretend to toss it into your left hand. Snap right fingers over left hand, then open it, showing that glass disc has apparently turned back to silver.

III. Pick up coin from left hand with right hand and openly place it in right trousers pocket. Leave glass disc in pocket and cause coin to apparently penetrate pocket by performing Through the Pocket (see second trick, Routine No. 8, for description).

IV. Next, perform Through the Leg (see third trick, Routine No. 8, for description).

V. Follow with Rubbed Through the Leg (see fourth trick, Routine No. 2, for description).

VI. Vanish the coin, employing Kneezy Vanish. To recall this vanish to your mind here is a brief description of it: Show coin in right hand. Pretend to place it in left hand but retain it palmed in right. Slap left knee with left hand. Produce coin from behind right knee with right hand. Repeat same gesture but actually place coin in left hand. Slap left fist against left leg and while pretending to produce coin from behind right knee, drop coin in left coat pocket. Pretend to transfer nonexistent coin from right to lelt hand, then toss "it" into air.

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