Wild Coin No

David Roth

It was inevitable that Peter Kane's Wild Card plot should eventually be adapted to coins, and both Father Cyprian and Al Schneider have published methods. David has many versions - this, I think, is the best. It is ungimmi-cked, and uses a cup a la Father Cyprian's version. You must be seated at a table opposite the audience, working on a closeup mat. A small opaque cup with four half dollars in it is also on the table. An English Penny is classic palmed in your right hand.

To perform, pick up the cup with your right hand and spill it to the left, dumping the silvers onto the table (fig. 203). Take the empty cup with your left hand and extend it toward the audience. Your right hand takes the cup and tables it, mouth up, at the outer right. Arrange the four silvers in a horizontal row about an inch apart, about half a foot from the table edge.

The First Coin

Move your left first finger onto the coin at the right end of the row and pull it toward you (fig. 204). When it's halfway between you and the other coins, stop, turn the coin over. Turn your left hand palm up and say,

"Half dollar, a silver coin." Pick the coin up with your right thumb, first and second fingers (fig. 205). Note that the coin really rests on your thumb, your fingers pulled back so it's visible.

Raise your right hand a bit, at the same time extending your first and second fingers over the silver coin and pulling it along your thumb until it hits your thumb crotch (fig. 206). Reverse your hand's direction, lowering it, thumb palming the silver coin and allowing the classic palmed copper to fly into your left hand (fig. 207). Your left fingers immediately close around it and your left fist turns over. Your right fingers rub the back of the fist.

Your right hand settles to the table in a fist for a second, transfers the coin from thumb palm to fingertip rest, and then moves toward your left hand again. As it travels classic palm the silver coin. Rub the back of your left fist again, turn it palm up, wave your right hand over it, and then open it revealing the copper coin.

Dump the copper onto the table so its other side is seen. Turn it over again with your right hand, pick it up, and place into finger palm on your palm-up left hand. You're going to do a fake Shuttle Pass (call it Shuttle Pass Variant). The action appears the same to the audience, though the silver coin in your right hand is retained in classic palm throughout - that's the only difference.

Like this. Your hands are a few inches apart; right hand palm down, left hand palm up. Move your right hand beside your left hand and do the rocking action of the Shuttle Pass, your left hand turning palm down and your right hand turning partially palm up beneath it (fig. 208). Your right hand immediately turns over as if it has the coin and moves over the cup (fig. 209). Lower your hand over the cup and open your fingers, releasing the classic palmed silver coin (fig. 210). There should be a clunk as the coin falls in. Your hand must be directly on top of the cup as you release the coin so it doesn't flash; the spectators will think you've dropped the copper coin into the cup.

The Second Coin

Move your right first finger onto the next coin at the right end of the row and drag it toward you. Turn it over with your left hand. Lift it with your right hand and, at the same time, turn your left hand palm up keeping your fingers curled (so the finger palmed copper isn't exposed). Place the silver coin onto your left palm (fig. 211). It won't hit the copper coin because that's farther away in finger palm. Close your left fingers loosely as your right hand moves away.

Your right hand crosses over in front of your left hand, reaching for the two silvers still on the table. As it does your left fist turns thumb up (vertical) and moves to the table edge, lapping the silver coin (fig. 212). It takes only a second - the coin simply rolls out near your pinky. Raise both hands without pausing and say, "Don't watch these two, they'll change later. . ." (fig. 213). Drop them on the table. Turn your left fist palm up and open it revealing the copper coin as you finish the sentence, "... watch this one."

Dump the copper onto the table and push it toward the audience with the request, "Look at it." Do the Frontal Imp Pass as taught - your three patter lines are: "It's changed to copper. . . " (said as you gesture with both palm-up hands). Your hands drop into your lap. ". . Just like the first one- . ." (said as your right hand comes up and gestures palm up to the cup). It turns palm down and drops, its fingers resting on the table. Your left hand loads the silver coin into it in thumb palm and immediately moves upward, palm up, and gestures toward the two silvers still on the table as you conclude, ". ..those two will change in a moment."

Your left hand turns palm down and drops, its fingers resting on the table like your right hand. Both hands move onto the table, fingers curling into loose fists, the silver coin transferred from thumb palm to fingertip rest. As your right hand reaches for the copper coin near the audience it classic palms the silver coil].

Pick up the copper and place it on your palm-up left hand in Shuttle Pass position. Do the Shuttle Pass Variant as described, your right hand apparently taking the copper coin and dropping it into the cup. (The copper remains in lefthand finger palm and the classic palmed silver goes in the cup.)

The Third Coin

Move your left first finger onto one of the two remaining silver coins and slide it toward you, turning it over. Pick it up with your right hand and hold it in Spellbound position between thumb, first, and second fingers. Straighten your left fingers, moving your thumb onto the copper coin to hold it in place. Move your left fingers in front of the silver coin (fig. 214). The back of your left thumb knocks the silver coin into righthand finger palm (fig. 215). Leave the copper coin in Spellbound position and move your left hand away revealing the change.

Squeeze your right thumb and fingers together snapping the copper to a vertical position (fig. 216). You're going to do the same Thumb Palm Switch that you did at the beginning of the routine - though this time your right hand simply turns over and moves over the cup. As it turns your first and second fingers push the copper coin into thumb palm. The silver coin is released from finger palm over the cup and falls inside with a clink. Your right hand immediately drops over the table edge in Frontal Imp Pass position, fingertips on the table.

The Fourth Coin

Your left hand turns over the last silver coin and picks it up, holding it in Spellbound position. At the same time your right fingers curl, pulling your right hand onto the table in a loose fist. The copper coin remains in thumb palm.

Raise your right hand, straightening your fingers, and move it in front of the silver coin. Relax your left thumb and allow the silver coin to fall backward into your left hand - your left thumb and fingers grasp the lower portion of the thumb palmed copper (fig. 217). Turn your left hand over, moving the copper coin beneath your right fingers (fig. 218). Move your right thumb behind your fingers and slowly draw your right hand away from you, revealing the change (fig. 219). This is a sucker vanish of Derek Dingle's which originally appeared in Epilogue - your right hand looks pretty suspicious at this point, so slowly turn it palm up.

Your left hand places the copper coin between your right thumb and fingers in Spellbound position. Do the Spellbound change already described for the third coin. Afterward the silver coin will be at your right fingertips and the copper coin in finger palm. The only difference here is that you do the change at the table edge. That way, when your left fingers take the silver coin and lift it, your right hand simply tips back and laps the copper (fig. 220).

Your right hand immediately moves upward and turns palm toward audience, taking the. silver coin. Wave it over the cup and then drop it in, saying, "It's a funny thing. The silver acts as a catalyst." Pick up the cup and swirl the contents. "It changes all the copper back into silver." As you say that dump out the coins revealing that they've all turned silver again.

Wild Coin No. 2

David Roth

This one is a standup impromptu version that uses a purse instead of a cup. This routine was developed before the preceding one, and is a much simpler application of the Wild Coin plot. I'm describing it using a purse so you can routine it with other items in the book which also use a purse in some way. David originally showed this to me using three coins, though I will describe how to add a fourth in In Addition at the end.

The only thing you need beside three half dollars and a copper coin is a purse. Any sort of small change purse that will stay open by itself, and has a snap type top, will do (fig. 221). To set up, drop the silvers into the purse, close it, and classic palm the copper coin in your right hand. You should be standing at a table, or any soft surface you can work on.

Open the purse and dump the silver coins onto the table. Lay the open purse to the right, open and angled slightly to the right. Arrange the coins in a horizontal row (fig. 222).

The First Change

Pick up one of the silver coins with your right hand, holding it between thumb, first, and second fingers (fig. 223). Your left hand is held palm up about a foot away. Do the Bobo Switch, except from classic instead of finger palm. In other words, your right hand apparently tosses the silver coin into your left hand.

Actually, your right thumb holds the silver coin against the insides of your first and second fingers and you relax your palm allowing the copper coin to fly into your left hand (fig. 224). Your left fingers quickly close around it. Your right thumb immediately pulls the silver coin into finger palm.

Relax your right hand, allowing it to curl into a loose fist, and letting it drop slightly. Raise your left hand, crumpling your fingers and opening them to reveal a copper coin. Push it to finger palm with your left thumb. You're going to do a variation of the Shuttle Pass (there are several in the routine). Move your hands together as if to do the move. Your left hand turns over and your right hand turns partially up - but not much (just enough to give the impression that it has caught a coin). Immediately turn your right hand down again and move it toward the purse. On the way your right thumb pushes the silver coin from finger palm to fingertip rest (fig. 225). Your hand swings around to the purse's right and then hooks back (fig. 226). Toss the coin into the purse, the tips of your fingers actually entering the purse so that the silver coin isn't prematurely exposed (fig. 227). During all of that your left hand settles into a relaxed fist.

The Second Change

Your right hand picks up another silver coin. Turn your left hand palm up, keeping your fingers curled slightly to conceal the finger palmed copper coin (fig. 228). Do a Retention Pass, apparently placing the silver coin into your left hand while actually retaining it in right-hand fingertip rest. Your left fingers close as the coin is seemingly placed into the hand. Your right fingers push the silver into classic palm. (Y ou (:an use any type of Retention Vanish or, as David suggests, any vanish where the coin ends classic palmed in your right hand. The basic Classic Palm Vanish where your right third finger pushes the coin up into palm as you apparently place it into your left hand will do.)

Crumple your left fingers and open them revealing a copper coin. Dot he Shuttle Pass Variant that you did after the first change, your hands moving together. The coin in your right hand remains in classic palm throughout the move. Fake the Shuttle Pass, your left hand turning palm down afterward, your right hand pretending to take the coin and move toward the purse. As it goes relax your right palm and allow the coin to drop to fingertip rest. Swing your right hand around, hook-tossing the silver into the purse. Remember to stick your fingers into the purse so the silver coin doesn't flash.

The Third Change

Your right hand picks up the last silver coin and holds it at your fingertips in Spellbound or French Drop position. Turn your left palm toward you, straightening your fingers - your thumb holds the copper coin in place. Do a standard Spellbound change by moving your left fingers in front of the silver coin. Your thumb knocks it backward into righthand finger palm, and your left fingers leave the copper coin in its place.

Move your left hand away, revealing the change. Squeeze your right thumb and fingers together, snapping the copper to a vertical position. Drop the copper coin onto your palm-up left hand in finger palm. Do the Shuttle Pass Variant again, apparently taking the copper with your right hand and tossing it into the purse. Actually, of course, the finger palmed silver goes into the purse and the copper remains finger palmed in your left hand.

Pick up the purse with your right hand and shake it, then turn it over and dump all the silver coins back onto the table revealing a change en masse Dispose of the copper coin at your earliest convenience.

In Addition: You may want to do this routine with four coins so it fits into a larger sequence of routines. You can, for example, either precede or follow this with David Arthur's Panda's Purse routine (which is taught in the next to last section). Here, then, is an additional change sequence I sometimes use which can be inserted into the routine. Use it for the third coin, and use the Spellbound change already described for the third coin for the fourth coin.

This move is based on a vanish of David's (related to a move of Arthur Buckley's which appeared in Principles and Deceptions) that was in Tarbell No. 7. Your right hand picks up the third silver coin from the row (one remains on the table afterward). Turn your left hand palm up and toss the silver coin onto it, catching it on your left palm. This is the same subtlety that was used in High Flying Winged Silver to keep coins from clinking: the copper coin is locked in finger palm. As soon as you've caught the coin close your fingers over it and turn your fist over. Maneuver the coin so that it hangs out of your fist at the fingertips as described in The Deep Back Clip Steal.

Two things happen at the same time. Your right hand, held palm down, moves over your left hand. Your left hand turns over beneath it - the silver coin sticking out of your fist going into right-hand thumb palm (fig. 229). Immediately move your right hand an inch or two to the right and rub your left fist with your fingers (fig. 230).

Lower your right hand and, as you open your left fingers to reveal the copper coin, your right fingers curl into a loose fist and transfer the silver coin from thumb to finger palm. Do the Shuttle Pass Variant exactly as in the first change, apparently taking the copper with your right hand and tossing it into the purse.

Now, pick up the fourth and final silver coin and do the Spellbound change described as The Third Change to continue.

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