Wesley James

Very often when you're trying to build a good Spellbound sequence you'll come to a point where one coin rests inside your left hand and another is held at Spellbound position. What you usually have to do is place the visible coin in your right hand and then do the change with the other hand. That's always seemed both awkward and illogical. What you really need is a move that will enable your right hand to secretly steal one of the coins back from your left hand so you can continue with the sequence. That's what this move does. It's based on a sleight of Edward Victor's and also bears some resemblence to a Ken Krenzel item that appeared in print several years ago. Neither of those, however, had the steal-back, which is what makes Wesley's handling so useful.

To start, a copper coin is held in Spellbound position in your left hand; another, silver, coin rests inside your left fingers (fig. 324). Your right hand, held palm toward you, moves in front of your left hand covering the copper from the audience. Your right thumb moves onto the right edge of the silver coin while your right second finger curls around from the other side and moves onto the left edge (fig. 325).

Your thumb and second finger lift the silver as your right hand moves to the left until the copper is pressing into your right thumb crotch (fig. 326). Pinch your thumb and second finger together, snapping the silver coin to a vertical position (fig. 327). When you do that your right thumb will automatically flatten against your right hand -gripping the copper in thumb palm. Your right hand moves to the right, taking the copper coin and, as smoothly as possible, leaving the silver in Spellbound position.

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