Tom Gagnon

Tom was inspired by John Cornelius' Metamorphosis Change which appeared in print years ago. Tom's version uses only one copper/silver coin (John's original used two regular coins) which is secretly reversed as your hands are waved over it.

Place a copper/silver coin onto a close-up mat about six inches from the mat's inner edge. For teaching's sake let's say that it's copper side up. Show your hands completely empty and turn them palm down, Rest them on the mat about two inches to either side of the coin (fig. 328). Look at figure 329, which shows how you'll move your hands as you wave them over the coin. Your right hand crosses over the coin moving outward and to the left to position A, while your left hand crosses outward and to the right to position B. As they pass over the coin your right hand moves beneath your left hand. Do that once, moving your hands to A and B and then back again.

This time when you repeat that action the tip of your right second finger will strike the coin, flipping it over. In more detail: Begin the action again and, for now, pause when your hands are over the coin, your right hand beneath your left hand (fig. 330). Bend your right second finger inward so that its tip rests on the outer left edge of the coin (fig. 331). That's where your second fingertip strikes the coin (is it's moving. Move your hands back to starting position. Start the wave movement and, just as your right hand passes beneath your left hand, bend your second finger inward. A split second later it'll pass over the coin, striking it (fig. 332). Your hands continue to move without pausing, your right second finger immediately straightening again. Move your hands back to starting position, revealing the coin's change.

In Addition: A number of things combine to cause the coin to turn over when your second finger hits it your right hand's momentum, the "give" of the close-up mat, and the sudden release of pressure as your second finger snaps off the coin's edge. Your left hand covers all the dirty work from the audience, and the coin's flip over is instant.

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