To Classic Palm One Coin of a Group

David Roth

When you have, let's say, four coins spread on your palm-up right hand and you want to classic palm one as you drop the others either onto the table or into your left hand, you'll often see people bouncing them all over the place to get one into classic palm position. That's a visually distracting thing, and unnecessary as well. Here's what David does in a situation like that.

Assume that there are four coins on your palm-up right hand - they can be anywhere, spread or stacked, etc. It doesn't matter. Simultaneously turn your hand palm down and curl your fingers into a loose fist the coins will automatically stack and come to rest on the insides of your fingers (fig. 62). Note that they're not on the fingertips, but just inside them.

Move your thumbtip onto the top coin and slide it toward your fingertips about a quarter of an inch (fig. 63). Move your thumb away and curl your fingers inward, your fingertips pressing the injogged top coin into classic palm (fig. 64). Lower your fingers and jingle the coins a bit. One coin is now in classic palm and the other three are loose.

If you like, after you've pushed the coin into palm, turn your hand palm up to display the coins again one will be neatly in palm position with the others spread and overlapping in front of it (fig. 65). Now, when you turn your hand palm down, three coins will fall onto the insides of your fingers while one remains in classic palm. You can use this technique with any number of coins.

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