Sol Stone

A visually deceptive coin vanish that's based on choreographed handling. Hold a half dollar on the first and second fingertips of your palm-up right hand. Your left hand is also palm up, just beside it (fig. 340).

Turn your right hand over and place the coin onto your left first and second fingertips, your thumb moving onto it to hold it in place (fig. 341). Simultaneously turn your right hand palm up and your left hand palm down, placing the coin onto your right second and third fingers (fig. 342).

Begin turning your right hand palm down, at the same time curling your fingers so the coin goes into classic palm. Keep your left thumb partially in the right thumb hole as the right hand turns over (fig. 343). As soon as the coin is in palm drop your right fingers a bit and slide your left thumb into your right hand as far as it can go, your straightened left fingers over the back of your right hand (fig. 344).

Straighten your right fingers and, at the same time, draw your left hand away from you along your right fingers as if taking the coin (fig. 345). Curl your left fingers into a fist as the hand turns palm up, at the same time relaxing your right hand (fig. 346). Open your left hand to reveal the vanish.

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