Sol Stone

I'd wanted to include a new "complete" vanish in the book but hadn't been able to locate one until Sol agreed to release this. It's one of the best handlings for secretly shirting a coin, and can be used as either a vanish or change. The only requirements are that you're standing and wearing a button-down shirt.

The first two movements are similar to Sol's Turnover Vanish. Hold a coin on the first and second fingertips of your palm-up right hand, your thumb resting lightly on its edge to hold it in place. Your hand should be held comfortably in front of you just above waist level, about an inch or two from your body (fig, 980). Your right hand turns palm down and lays the coin onto your left first and second fingers (fig, 981). Your left thumb moves onto the coin to complete the grip.

Both hands turn over simultaneously - your right hand to palm up, your left to palm down. Lay the coin back on your right first and second fingertips (fig. 982). Turn your right hand palm toward you and slide your left hand over your right hand, your left thumb moving into the right thumb hole (fig. 983). Figure 984

is an audience view which shows how your straightened left fingers cover your right fingers from the audience.

We have to back track for a moment. When your right hand turns palm toward you, and your left thumb moves over it, thumb sliding into thumb hole, it's really a both-hands-moving-toget her type of action. (Y our hands should still be only an inch or two from your body.) As your hands move toward each other your right thumb and first finger, carrying the coin, bend inward (fig. 985). Without pausing they enter the opening of your shirt (fig. 986). You don't have to stick them in very far - just the tips are sufficient.

Snap your thumb lightly to the left, kicking the coin in that direction so it falls inside your shirt. Immediately straighten your right fingers and slide your left hand toward their tips (fig. 987). As soon as it clears your right fingers your left hand forms a fist and turns palm up (fig. 988). Turn your right hand palm up to show it empty. Open your left hand to show that the coin has vanished.

In Addition: As with all of Sol's sleights, this must be done smoothly so that if flows. The fluid motion is part of what makes it deceptive.

To use this as a change simply classic palm a different coin in your left hand before you begin. Do the vanish exactly as described and, when you open your left hand at the end, a transformation will be revealed.

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