Sol Stone

This is an easy utility move, but you'll have to practice to make it smooth. It's the flow of the action that makes it deceptive. A silver coin is thumb palmed in your right hand and your left fingers hold a copper coin between thumb, first, and second fingertips.

Your palm-down right hand is held with your fingers pointing to the left, and your palm-up left hand is just to the left of it (fig. 357). Slide your right hand over the copper coin until it's in finger palm (fig. 358 in which the right hand is transparent). Curl your right fingers very slightly taking the copper into finger palm. Immediately start turning your right palm toward you (fig. 359).

As your right hand turns your left first and second fingers will automatically come up behind the thumb palmed silver coin (fig. 360). Your thumb moves onto the side of the coin that's facing you, completing the grip (fig. 361).

Your left fingers pull the silver out of thumb palm and move it to the left (fig. 362). At the same time your right hand turns partially palm up, and your left hand turns the silver coin over and lays it on your right first and second fingertips (fig. 363). Your right thumb rapidly moves onto the silver coin and completes the grip, your right hand turning over and placing the coin on your left first and second fingertips (fig. 364).

Now, depending on how you're going to utilize this, you also have to be able to do the same sequence in reverse. It's difficult to do backwards so take your time. Like this. Start at the exact same position as in figure 364, where you finished the sequence. Your palm-down right hand is still holding the silver coin, which rests on your left fingertips. Your right hand turns the coin over, turning palm up, at the same time your left hand turns palm down to grasp it between thumb, first, and second fingers.

Your right hand starts to turn palm down and stops for a second when your palm is facing you. Simultaneously your left hand turns palm up and places the silver coin back into right-hand thumb palm (fig. 365). Without pausing finish turning your right hand palm down, flattening it and laying the finger palmed copper coin onto your left fingertips (fig. 366). Retract your right hand, moving it to the right, revealing the copper coin. Turn your left hand over to display both sides of the coin.

In Addition: I can only repeat myself: it must be done smoothly - think of a tumbling action. To use the move as an invisible switch, have a copper/silver coin finger palmed (silver side against your fingers) in your right hand. Your left hand holds a silver coin between thumb, first, and second fingers. Turn your right hand palm down and grasp the visible coin between your right thumb, first, and second fingers in position to begin the reverse sequence. Do everything backwards as already described and, when your right ban(] eventually slides to the right the gimmicked coin will be on your left fingertips silver side up.

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