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In the May 1939 issue of The Sphinx, Victor Farelli published a coin routine called Vice Versa that used two copper/silver coins. Sol created this handling slightly after that, based partially on Farelli's routine. Recently a similar routine was published in The Coins of Ishtar, though without credit to Farelli.

To prepare place a silver coin in your outer right jacket pocket and a copper coin in your outer left jacket pocket. You also need two copper/silver coins: they're not identical. One has a silver head with a copper tail, the other has a silver tail with a copper head. (Y ou'll only need those when you perform - for now, just to try the routine, use any two copper/silver coins that you have.) Place the two gimmicked coins into a pocket.

Your right hand reaches into the pocket and removes the two gimmicked coins. They rest on your right fingers, copper and silver heads up. The silver coin rests on top of the copper coin. Your left fingers pull the coins to your right fingertips (fig. 434). Your left fingers take the silver coin and slide it beneath the copper coin (fig. 435). Your left fingers take the copper coin and slide it beneath the silver coin, leaving it stepped outward (fig. 436). Your left hand holds both coins for a moment as your right hand turns over and grasps them, thumb beneath, first finger above. Your right finger placement is very important. Your thumb is directly beneath your first finger, and your first finger rests only on the upper silver coin while your thumb rests only on the lower copper coin (fig. 436a is an exposed view).

Move your left hand away and start to turn your right hand over. As it rotates slide your first finger inward and your thumb outward, sliding the coins to opposite positions (fig. 437). Your left fingers take the silver coin and slide it beneath the copper coin. Your left thumb moves onto the copper coin and drags it onto the base of your left second and third fingers in finger palm (fig. 438). Close your left fingers into a fist and turn it over, also automatically turning the coin inside of it over). Place the right-hand silver coin onto the back of your left fist [fig. 439).

Flatten your right hand and cover the silver coin with your fingers (fig. 440). This is going to be difficult to describe (not to do, just to teach). Simultaneously turn both hands palm up, your right fingers holding the coin against the back of your left hand (fig. 441). Move your right hand to the right, revealing the copper coin (fig. 442). Open your left fist to reveal the silver coin.

Curl your left fingers into a fist over the silver coin and turn your hand over. Drop your fingertips a bit allowing the inner edge of the coin to drop - the outer edge pressed against the flesh of the finger base (fig. 443 is a side view). Lower your fingers until the coin is almost vertical (fig. 444). Now, press them upward again, squeezing the coin and flipping it over. This quick turnover is a secret move, and invisible once you practice it.

Your right hand places the copper coin on the back of your left fist. Cover it with your right fingers and repeat the two-hand palm-up turn already described. This time, open your left fingers first revealing the copper coin, then slide your right hand out from beneath it to reveal the silver coin (fig. 445). Close your left fingers and turn your fist over doing the secret turnover. Simultaneously turn your right hand over, closing your fingers (which keeps the coin, resting on your fingers, silver side up). Both fists are now palm down.

Turn both fists over and open them revealing the copper in your right hand and the silver in your left. Close both hands and turn them over. Do the secret turnover with both hands and immediately turn them palm up, opening them to reveal silver in your right hand and copper in your left. Bounce the coins forward to your fingertips. Place the copper coin beneath the silver coin, stepped inward, both coins held between your right thumb and second finger in position for the two-card monte type turnover move used at the beginning of the routine (though your right hand is palm up this time) (fig. 446). Turn your right hand over, your thumb pushing outward and your first finger pushing inward, sliding the coins to proper position (fig. 447). Turn your right hand palm up again, reversing the sliding motion. Drop the copper coin on your left fingers and curl them into a fist, automatically turning the coin over (silver side up).

Your right hand takes the silver coin and goes into your outer right jacket pocket (where the real silver coin is). Say, I put the silver coin into my pocket and it jumps into my left hand." While in the pocket your right hand drops the gimmicked coin and grasps the regular silver coin in a fist. Take your right hand out of your pocket, keeping it closed. Open your left hand revealing the silver coin there. Say, "And I put the silver coin in my left pocket and it jumps to my right hand." Place your left hand into your outer left jacket pocket, drop the gimmick, and grasp the real copper coin. Take your left hand out of your pocket and open your right hand to display the silver coin. Then open your left hand to display the copper. Both are now examinable.

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