Sol Stone

Sol first published his Soft Sleeving technique in Apocalypse, but he didn't give away this revolutionary application. You must be standing, wearing a jacket, prepared to sleeve a coin. A half dollar is displayed between your right thumb and fingers and an English penny is finger palmed in the same hand.

Ask the spectator to stand on your left side and extend his or her left hand (fig. 351). Transfer the silver coin to solely between your right thumb and first finger as you turn your hand palm down (fig. 352).

Take the spectator's palm-down left hand with your left hand and guide his thumb into your right thumb hole (fig. 353). As soon as his thumb is inside your hand rub your first finger briskly toward you aginst your thumb, snapping it backward and shooting the coin up your sleeve (fig. 354).

That'll take some practice because you have to be able to gauge the pressure of your first finger's snap, and the tilt of your hand, etc., so the coin flies unimpeded up your sleeve. Immediately move your thumb onto the finger palmed copper coin and push it to your fingertips (fig. 355).

Your left hand guides the spectator's hand around your fingers to a palm-up position (fig. 356). Release the coin into his hand and press his fingers flatly closed.

That's it - conclude as per whatever routine you're doing. The spectator will naturally assume he holds the silver coin.

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