Sol Stone

Sol's been using this for over thirty years. It's a smooth one-hand exchange of one coin for another.

Finger palm a copper/silver coin in your right hand silver side against your fingers. Let's assume that the silver side of the gimmicked coin is a head. A regular silver coin lies on the table, toils side up. Your palmdown right hand moves over the tabled coin. Lower your thumb onto its inner end and press downward, enabling your first and second fingertips to slide beneath it (fig. 367).

Pull the coin upward with your thumb until your first fingertip extends completely across the face (fig. 368). Curl your first finger, sliding the coin upward along your thumb into thumb palm (fig. 369). Once the regular coin is securely gripped in your right thumb crotch straighten your right fingers and slap the gimmicked coin onto the table (fig. 370). Lift your hand showing the head side.

With a bit of practice the switch is indetectable.

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