Sol Stone

Unusual item. Sol can do the rolldown flourish with both hands, and that's necessary in this routine. You have a stack of coins that's set up in advance. From the top down: copper/silver coin (silver side up), copper coin, silver coin, copper/silver coin (silver side up), copper coin, silver coin. That stack is held between your right thumb and first finger in roll-down position (fig. 448).

I'm not really going to teach the roll down flourish because all the best methods are already in print (see Buckley's Principles and Deceptions, Tarbell, and Bobo). So, I'll assume you're somewhat familiar with the move. Move your second finger onto the edge of the stack next to your thumb (fig. 449). Break the three lower coins and roll them down to between your second and third fingers (fig. 450).

Move your pinky beside your second finger, and your thumb on the other side of your second finger (fig. 451). Open the spread so that your pinky and second finger pull the rear silver coins off the stacks and spread them (fig. 452). Pause for a second - so far all you've done is roll out four silver coins.

Your left hand takes the silver coins from between your pinky and third finger, and first and second finger, and pockets them. Move your fingers together and roll out the copper coins that are hidden behind the others still in your right hand (fig. 453). Glance at your hand and comment that the coins don't match any more. Your left hand takes the coins from between your fingers one at a time, starting with the one between thumb and first finger, and stacks them. Now simply hold that stack with your left thumb and first finger and do the roll down move - four coppers will show. (The natural action of transferring the coins from hand to hand reverses the stack.)

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