Sol Stone

This is a much improved standup version of a routine that I originally wrote for Apocalypse, Vol. 1 No. 3. It's an unusual visual item that utilizes some of the back clip switching you've already learned in some of Sol's other effects.

You need two identical Chinese (brass) coins with holes in their centers, and a two-foot length of string. You can use a shoelace, or whatever's handy. To prepare, thread one of the coins onto the string and place it into your right jacket pocket. Put the other brass coin in a pocket where your left hand can conveniently retrieve it.

To perform, both hands go into pockets - your left hand to openly get the brass coin, your right hand Downs palms the alreadythreaded brass coin and grasps the near end of the string between thumb and first finger. As your left hand brings out the coin ask a spectator to hold out his palm-up hand to temporarily hold the coin. Your right hand comes out as in figure 400, with the string held as described, and the threaded coin concealed in Downs palm (fig. 401 is the audience view).

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