Don't let the brevity of this description deceive you - this is the most ingenious method for sleeving a coin without any of the usual telltale jerks or bodily twitches that you'll probably ever read. Slydini, noting that most coin men appear to be having a muscle spasm when they sleeve a coin, decided that there simply must be a better way!

You must be standing, and the audience can be standing almost anywhere - it doesn't matter. A coin rests on your palm-up left hand, which is held directly in front of you, fingers pointing forward (fig. 692). Extend your palm-down right hand directly in front of you, pointing toward a spectator, and say "Watch" (fig. 693).

Stick your left thumb up in the air - it's going to act as a "stop" for your right hand in a moment (fig. 694). Swing your right hand in a counter-clockwise quarter circle toward your left hand (fig. 695). When your hands meet your right palm should be a fraction of an inch above your left palm, and your thumbs should mesh (fig. 696). In other words your extended left thumb hits your right thumb crotch. That causes your right hand to stop moving suddenly, and its momentum is imparted to the coin lying on your left palm which promptly flies up your right sleeve (fig. 697).

Without pausing simultaneously curl your left thumb and fingers into a fist and lift your right hand, moving it around in a waving motion (fig. 698). After some appropriate mumbo jumbo open your left hand to show the vanish.

In Addition: This is going to take some practice because there's a knack involved. it's worth it, though, because your left hand does not appear to move at all. (Actually it does move, though it happens so quickly that it's invisible.)

Also, it's very important to extend your right hand toward the spectator just prior to the move because that sets the position of your sleeve so it hangs downward fully open. If you did the move without first extending your arm you'd probably miss because the sleeve is always twisted slightly and partially closed.



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