There are two handlings for this, and the sitdown version is a perfect follow-up to the Table Tilt Vanish just described so I'll teach that one first. The standup handling will follow.

You should be seated at a table opposite the audience with a coin in your lap. Face forward and broadly wipe your hands against each other a few times (fig. 674). Lean back, relax, and allow both hands to drop into your lap (fig. 675). Look directly at the spectators and shrug, as if to say, "I don't know where the coin went, either."

Turn your head to the right as if you see a coin floating in the air about two feet away (fig. 676). Lean forward, raise your right hand, and reach for the coin (fig. 677). At the same time your left hand grasps the coin that's been in your lap between thumb and first finger. Pretend to grab something with your right hand. Lean back and retract your right hand, bringing it across your body to your left elbow - at the same time raising your left hand to beneath your right elbow (fig. 678). Keep the back of your left hand toward the audience to conceal the coin.

Tilt your right palm toward the audience to show it empty (fig. 679). Then, turn it back toward you and separate your hands, As your hands pass each other your left hand loads the hidden coin into a right-hand Downs palm (fig. 680). Immediately separate your hands, your left hand turning palm up (fig. (ml).

Bend your right hand back at the wrist and reach to your right, as if plucking something from the air (fig. 682). The coin is concealed behind your thumb. Move your right hand directly over your left hand and pretend to drop the invisible coin onto it. Reach to your right again (though not as far as last time - the back of your hand remains toward the audience) and repeat the pantomime of plucking something from the air

and dropping it onto your left palm. This time, though, tilt your left palm a tiny bit toward you - just enough so that the palm is no longer visible to the audience (fig. 683). Relax your right hand and allow the Downs palmed coin to drop onto your left palm (fig. 684). Your left fingers remain straight during this, and your right hand immediately moves forward - to directly in front of you to continue the plucking action.

Do that once or twice more, making small tossing motions toward your left hand. Now, close your left fingers into a fist and lower your hand slightly. Wave your right hand over it and slowly open your left fingers to reveal the coin.

The Standup Handling

Let's assume that you've just done a Retention Pass, apparently placing the coin into your left hand and actually retaining it in your right hand in classic palm, Open your left fingers to show that hand empty. The spectator must be standing directly to your right.

Turn your left hand palm down again. Extend your right hand until it's directly in front of the spectator, practically under his or her nose (fig. 685). Both hands, now palm down, spread their fingers wide (fig. 686). Simultaneously turn both hands palm up, but close your right fingers (fig. 687). At the same time look directly at the spectator and say, "Gone."

Without pausing turn both hands palm down again, spreading your right fingers as before. This is very subtle: it appears to the spectator that he's seen both hands empty. He literally cannot see your right hand, though, because it's so close to him!

Turn your left hand palm up and rapidly sweep your right hand over it, closing your left fingers (fig. 688). Your right hand freezes over your left forearm after passing over the closing fingers. Do not drop the coin into your left hand yet.

Look at the spectator and say, "You think I did something funny, don't you?" Smile and slowly open Your left fingers to show the hand empty Jig. 689). Pause only a moment, then sweep your right hand over your left hand and outward without pausing, in the process dropping the coin onto your left palm (fig. 690). At the same time, of course, your left hand tilts slightly toward you so that the coin cannot he seen by the spectator (fig. 691 is the spectator's view).

Make a few light tossing motions toward your left hand, keeping your eyes on your right hand throughout. After a few seconds close your left fingers and lower your hand. Wave your right hand over it, then open your fingers to reveal the coin.

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