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When using the Shuttle Pass, this seems to be the first sequence that comes to mind. It's credited to a number of people because all have come up with it independently and it's never, to my knowledge, been in print. Four more copper/silver sequences are described after this, and all follow the standard plot where the two coins change places.

To start, have an extra copper coin classic palmed in your right hand. Two coins, one copper, the other silver, lie on the table. The copper is on the left and silver on the right. Pick up the copper coin with your left hand and let it lie on your palmup hand in finger palm. Do the Shuttle Pass apparently taking the coin with your right hand to show its other side. Place it back on the table in its original position.

Your right hand lifts the silver coin, flashes both sides, and moves it over your left palm in Retention Pass position (fig. 796). Note that your left fingers are slightly curled, concealing the copper coin in finger palm from the audience. You're subliminally showing the hand empty. Do the Retention Pass, your right hand stealing the silver back into fingertip rest as your left fingers close. As your right hand descends to a relaxed fist position on the table it classic palms the coin.

Your right hand picks up the copper coin from the table, displays it for a second, and does a Palm Change. The copper coin will appear to change to silver. Open your left hand revealing the copper coin.

The preceding sequence leaves you with the extra copper coin in right-hand classic palm, the position from which you begin this sequence.

Your right hand picks the silver coin up from the table and does a Palm Change keeping the hand closed afterward in a palmdown fist. Your left hand picks up the copper coin as you say, "Remember that the copper's over here." Close your left hand into a palm-down fist also.

Say your magic words and turn your right hand partially palm up, opening the fingers and displaying the copper coin (fig. 797). After a second close your hand and do the Palm Change again.

As soon as you've closed your right hand your left hand places its copper coin on the table. Say, "Naturally that leaves the silver coin in my right hand." Open your right hand over the table, dropping the silver coin (the extra copper in classic palm).

In Addition: There's a particular rhythm to this that makes it effective. It has to do with the rapid back and forth jump of the copper coin from left hand to right hand and back again. The spectators should have the feeling that the coins jump as quickly as they can look from one hand to the other.

Copper/Silver No. 2

David Arthur

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Fundamentals of Magick

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