Richard Kaufman

Naturally curl your third and pinky fingers and lift your thumb, moving your right hand beside your left hand, your extended first and second fingertips touching the right edge of the silver coin (fig. 301). Begin rubbing that coin, your second finger circling its perimeter (and your hand moving with it). You'll find that by slightly curling your first and second fingers you can, while still touching the silver with your second fingertip, move them in front of it (fig. 302).

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As you rub, lower your right thumb onto the copper's inner edge (fig. 303). When you reach the position shown in figure 302, and your second finger is at the extreme left edge of the silver coin, your right hand will obscure most of the silver from the audience. Your hand stays in that position for only a second - and it'll seem even less once you get it to flow. At that moment your right thumb pushes downward, snapping the copper to a vertical position partially behind your first and second fingers (fig. 304), It's directly in front of the silver coin. Your right hand immediately moves back, placing the copper into Spellbound position (fig. 305). Quickly move your right hand to the right, your second finger dragging along the face of the copper coin.

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