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This originally appeared in Apocalypse, Vol. 1 No. 1, and is (I think) the only item in this book which is being described exactly as it's already been.

You can use t his two ways - as a visible change, or as a secret switch. Since it's used in Framed Again as a visible change, t hat's the way I'll teach it. A copper coin is openly held at your left fingertips. A silver coin is i n High Finger Palm in your right hand. (High Finger Palm is, briefly, when the coin is positioned between the center and outermost joints of your second and third fingers (fig. 727). As in regular finger palm, the coin is kept in position by a natural curl of your fingers.)

Begin to move your hands together, your right hand turning palm toward you, fingers pointing to the left. Your left hand guides the copper's lower edge behind your first finger, between your first and second fingers (fig. 728).

Your right thumb moves onto the upper portion of the silver coin and pushes it upward a bit (fig. 729). You'll find that if you press your right thumb forward its tip will press against the copper coin, while its pad still holds the silver coin (fig. 730). Also press your right first finger flatly against the lower portion of the copper's face and move your left hand beneath your right (fig. 731 is an audience view; fig. 732 is your view).

Your thumb controls both coins, and the timing for the change is automatic. Simply lift your thumb while keeping your first and second fingers relaxed: the silver coin will drop onto your left hand and the copper coin will tilt back to clipped position (fig. 733).

In Addition: The change is instant and appears to occur in full view. The concept is unusual, but you should have no trouble with the mechanics once you've tried it a few times.

if you wish to switch in a copper/silver coin after displaying a real silver, try this. The gaffed coin is in High Finger Palm copper side toward you. Do the change exactly as described. When the switch occurs (as you say something like, "Heads, tails.") the gaffed coin will drop and automatically flip over so that it lands silver side up, while the real silver coin tilts backward to clip position.

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