Richard Kaufman

I saw David Roth do a continuous Spellbound change a few years ago - in other words he simply kept passing his hand over the coin and it kept changing. No pauses, grip changes, etc. He tipped it to me, but won't let me print it! Very frustrating. Here's my version, with his blessing. It's a continual change without any grip-changing - and it bears absolutely no resemblance to David's.

There's a copper coin finger palmed in your right hand, and your left hand holds a silver coin in Spellbound position. Move your right hand to the left, your right thumb moving behind, and your fingers in front of, the silver coin (fig. 314). Continue to move your right hand until the silver coin is in your right thumb crotch. Bend your thumb tip over the coin to hold it in place - flatly against the length of your thumb (fig. 315).

Start moving your right hand back to the right, your left fingers taking the copper coin from finger palm on the way (fig. 316). Separate your hands to show the first change.

Move your right hand around the copper coin, your thumb behind it and your fingers in front of it as before. Your left thumb and fingers guide the copper into your right thumb crotch in front of the silver (fig. 317). Note that the coins are parallel with each other, about an eighth of an inch apart. Move your left thumb and fingers together gripping both coins in their parallel positions. Bend your right hand inward at the wrist, pressing the copper against your thumb crotch (fig. 318). By slightly pressing your right thumb and first finger together at the base you'll find that you can grip the copper coin there as your left hand moves to the left and displays the silver coin (fig. 319).

Move your hands together for the third change, your right fingers covering the coins from the front and your right thumbtip coming to rest on your left fingers directly behind the silver coin (fig. 320). Relax your left thumb allowing the silver coin to fall backward, resting horizontally on your right thumb (fig. 321). Continue moving your left hand to the right. It grasps the copper coin in Spellbound position and moves to the left displaying it (fig. 322). The silver coin remains balanced on your extended thumb, concealed behind your right fingers.

Move your right thumb behind your right fingers, pressing the silver coin flatly against them (fig. 323). Move your right fingers in front of the copper, the back of your thumb knocking it into your left hand. Press the silver coin into Spellbound position and move your right hand away revealing the fourth change.

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