Richard Kaufman

To prepare, Downs palm a copper coin in your right hand and hold a silver coin in Spellbound position at your left fingertips. Your hands begin in a position very similar to Wesley's original method. Move your right hand to the left and extend your first finger. Touch the silver coin and then retract your right hand to rest position.

You're going to tap the silver coin again, while simultaneously loading the copper into position for the change (which occurs on the third tap). Relax your thumb and allow the copper coin to rest on the upper side of your curled second finger. Begin to straighten your first finger, simultaneously uncurling your second finger, carrying the copper coin on it until it can be grasped between your thumb and first finger (fig. 306). Without pausing continue your right hand's to-theleft movement and tap the silver coin with your first fingertip.

The copper coin is completely hidden from the spectators by your first finger. Move your right hand back to the right for just a moment, and then move it to the left again. This time it moves slightly farther than before so that your first finger moves completely across the face of the silver coin (fig. 307). Actually, as you can see in the illustration, both the copper coin and your thumb are also in front of the silver - but that isn't visible to the audience.

Pinch the copper between your thumb and first finger, snapping it to a vertical position (fig. 308). Without pausing your right hand moves backward, your thumb knocking the silver coin inside your left hand, and leaves the copper in Spellbound position. Immediately move your right hand away revealing the copper coin.

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