Palm and Grip Transfers

David Roth has given this piece of advice to a number of his students: know how to secretely transfer a coin from any palm position to any other position. The reason is simple. In many advanced multi-step routines you must do a number of sleights in a row, without pausing. You must be able to get into position to perform those sleights by shuttling concealed coins around inside your hand. The basic positions of concealment are: 1) Classic Palm, 2) Finger Palm, 3) High Finger Palm, 4) Thumb Palm, 5) Downs Palm, 6) Fingertip Rest, 7) Interior Clips, 8) Back Clip, 9) Deep Back Clip, and 10) Edge Grip. That list is not complete - there are many more, but those are the ones used in this book. Details on some of them will be given as the need arises.

Here are a few suggested ways to move a coin from one basic position to another.

From Classic Palm to Fingertip Rest: see Fingertip Rest Position. To reverse the action and transfer a coin from Fingertip Rest to Classic Palm simply push it upward with your second and third (or just third) fingertips.

From Fingertip Rest to Thumb Palm: Curl your fingers as far as you can into your fist, making a conscious effort to aim the coin's left edge for your thumb crotch (fig. 15). Simultaneously press your thumb against the coin's edge and straighten your fingers. A word about Thumb Palm - don't press your thumb firmly against the side of your hand. A light relaxed touch will hold the coin there and also allow your hand to look fairly natural.

From Classic Palm to Thumb Palm: Combine the two movements just taught, first dropping the coin to Fingertip Rest, and then curling your fingers and thumb palming it.

From Finger Palm to Thumb Palm: This is very difficult, though Roth uses it on occasion. Thers also not much to tell -do it exactly as you think it should be done. In other words curl your fingers and lift your first finger out of the way. Catch the coin's edge in your thumb crotch and straighten your fingers.

Edge Grip Transfers: see the Roth section on Edge Grip,, and Framed Again (Getting Into Edge Grip: Method


From Downs Palm to Back Clip: see The Sol Stone Section.

Other transfers will be discussed in context.

The DAVID ROTH Section

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