Oval Purse Holdout

David Roth

David has found a terrific use for those little plastic oval squeeze purses that are sold in all five and dime stores (fig. 106). Get one, it doesn't matter what the color is, and place as many coins into it as you'd like to

produce (you're limited only by the size of the purse - it must close after it's loaded). You must be seated at a table opposite the audience. Place the loaded purse on your right thigh, slit side down, ends to the right and left (fig. 107).

Start talking to the spectators at the same time doing a both hands palm-up gesture (fig. 108). Immediately sit back and relax, allowing your hands to drop into your lap. Your right hand grasps the

loaded purse in Tenkai palm, i.e., your thumb pressing against the left end, the right end pressed against the heel of the hand (fig. 109). Without pausing raise your hands onto the table in relaxed fists (fig. 110).

Make a few plucking motions in the air with your left hand, grabbing apparently invisible coins (fig. 111). Retract your left hand slightly and raise your right hand to meet it about a foot over the table, fingers spread, your left fingers over your right fingers (fig. 112). Squeeze the purse open with your right thumb, allowing all the coins to fall onto the table (fig. 113). As soon as the coins hit, lower your hands to the table edge and lap the purse (fig. 114). Immediately raise your hands, turning them palm up.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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