Mark Levy

There are a number of ways to use this. it's impromptu, but involves some lapping, so you must be seated at a table opposite the audience. Place a half dollar (though you can actually use any coin) on the table directly in front of you. It does not have to be close to the edge. Your right hand holds a pencil between thumb, first, and second fingers with the eraser downward.

Lean forward and partially cover the coin with your left hand (fig. 824). Your left pinky rests along the table and the inner side of your hand is raised. Your left thumb and first finger rest lightly on the coin to hold it in place during the erasing. Lower your right hand, moving the eraser onto the coin (fig. 825).

Begin a slight back and forth right-hand motion, rubbing the eraser against the coin. On one of the toward -you rubs lift your left thumb and first finger slightly and sweep the coin off the table and into your lap with the eraser (fig. 826). The action should be completely covered by the back of your left hand.

Here's one way that Mark uses the move. Finger palm a half dollar with a 1981 date in your left hand. Take another half dollar with an older date and let the audience examine it. Mention the date and say you'd prefer to have a newer coin. Place the coin on the table and do the move, then pretend to pick it up and show the one in your left hand.

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