Kaufman and Arthur

Grip between your right thumb and second finger. Your left hand places the four coins back in your right hand in Edge Grip Display.

Your right hand turns palm down and lays the coins at the outer left corner of the mat, and then retracts to rest position. Your left hand arranges the four coins as already described, and covers them getting one in position for The Sliding Concealment Transfer.

When your right hand is in relaxed fist rest position the coin is naturally transferred to Curl Palm. Lift your right hand and do the business where you pretend to drag an invisible coin to the outer right. Keep your thumb pressed loosely against the side of your hand to provide some cover for the Curl Palmed coin (fig. 857).

The Curl Palm Pop Out

Hold your right hand about six inches behind the spot on the table you intend to jab with your first finger and produce the coin. Shoot your hand forward and at the same time simply straighten your other fingers, tilting your hand ever so slightly to the right. The coin in Curl Palm will move outward beneath your straightening second finger and, as it reaches the tip, flip to a horizontal position beneath your first fingertip (fig. 858). Your other fingers are slightly spread.

Your second finger literally pulls the coin outward. The slight tilt of your hand will cause the coin to move beneath your first finger.

As soon as the coin has appeared do The Sliding Concealment Transfer. Afterward your right hand will have the extra coin concealed in fingertip rest. Your left hand reaches to the outer right and lifts the justproduced coin. Both hands move upward - your right hand transferring its coin to Edge Grip (using method three as taught in Framed Again), and your left hand placing the coin between your right thumb and second finger in Edge Grip Display.

Pause. Your left hand covers the coins at outer left getting one beneath thumb base. Your right hand turns palm down and places its visible coin at outer right. Move the invisible coin to the outer right and do Curl Palm Pop Out, producing it. Do The Sliding Concealment Transfer so the extra coin ends in righthand fingertip rest.

Your left hand lifts both coins at outer right and, after your right hand has risen and transferred the concealed coin to Edge Grip, places them in Edge Grip Display.

Conclude the routine following the same pattern, producing the third coin, doing the transfer, and then lapping the extra coin as you produce the fourth coin at outer right.

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