John Cornelius

One of John's specialties is the Muscle Pass, by which he can squirt a coin out of a modified classic palm into the air. It's a knack that takes a lot of practice to acquire, and John has it down to a science. Jon Racherbaumer pointed out that this is the first secret use of the Muscle Pass he's seen. This application is based on the Benzais Card Through Table which appeared in CloseUp Card Magic.

You must be seated at a glass-topped table with the spectator on your right. Take a half dollar and do a Retention Pass into your left hand, which closes into a fist. Ask the spectator to cup his hands in an open prayer type position and hold them, palm up, beneath the table. As he's moving to that position your right hand moves beneath the table in a palm-down relaxed fist (which is the position it's in after the Retention Pass, with the coin in fingertip rest). Push the coin into a modified classic palm, farther back than usual - nearer your wrist (fig. 989). That position facilitates the propulsion of the coin when you contract your palm and thumb base.

Turn your hand palm down and grasp their hands, thumb beneath, fingers above, asking, "Feel my fingers and thumb?" Turn your hand palm up and grasp their hands as in figure 990, which is their view. Note that they cannot see the coin because it's hidden by your right thumb base - similar to the Kaps Subtlety already described.

Make sure they're looking directly at their hands before you continue. Move your left hand over the table, turn it palm down, and pretend to transfer the coin it ostensibly holds to your fingertips. At thesame time raise their cupped hands to an inch or two beneath the glass. Bring your left fingers down onto the table and push. At the same time do the Muscle Pass, squirting the coin concealed in your right palm

upward. It'll ricochet off the table and into their hands - it's hard to miss (fig. 991 is an exposed view; fig. 992 is their view through the table). Note that the coin appears beneath your left fingers beneath the table and they see it fall into their hands. The illusion is perfect.

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