Herb Zarrow

Herb has two versions of this - both have the same effect, though one uses an extra coin. They're based on a sleight of his which originally appeared in Tarbell No. 7.

Handling No. I

This uses the extra coin, and is easi er than the second handling because of that. Hold your left hand palm up and spread your fingers apart starfish style. Balance a copper coin on your second finger and a silver coin on your pinky (fig. 809). An extra silver coin is classic palmed in your right hand. To the audience it'll appear as if you merely pass your right hand over your left hand and the coins change places.


Move your palm-down right hand beside your left hand, your fingers pointing toward the coins (fig. 810). Note that your right thumb is held comfortably against your hand. To start, move your right hand forward covering the coins until the copper coin is directly beneath the base of your right first finger (fig. 811). Nip the copper's edge between your thumb and the side of your first finger and continue moving your hand until the classic palmed silver coin is over your second finger (fig. 812).

Relax your palm and begin to retract your right hand leaving the silver coin on your second finger. As your right hand moves toward you your palm will pass directly over your pinky. When it does classic palm the silver coin (fig. 813). Change your hand's direction, moving it to the right, so that your pinky is guided behind the thumb palmed copper coin (fig. 814). As your right hand moves away it lays the copper flatly on your pinky (fig. 815).

Handling No. 2

This method eliminates the extra coin, but it's very difficult. The starting position is the same: your left hand is palm up, fingers spread, a copper on your second finger and a silver on your pinky. Your right hand is held, fingers together and straight (pointing toward the coins), beside your left hand as described.

Begin moving your right hand over the coins. As your right palm passes over the silver coin that's on your pinky classic palm it. Your hand keeps moving. A second later your right thumb will be in position to nip the edge of the copper coin as taught, pressing it against the side of your first finger.

Continue moving your hand until the classic palmed silver is directly over your second finger. Release it. immediately retract your right hand, pausing when your pinky is behind the thumb palmed copper coin. Wave your right hand to the right, laying the copper on your pinky and revealing the change.

In Addition: Neither handling is easy. Ideally your right hand should not appear to stop at any time. With some practice this can look like trick photography.

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